September 6th, 2006


fur questions among other things

Hey guys!

I've decided to make a suit of my "emo" lemur, joel picchur

but, I've only worked with fur I've bought at places like jo-anns, fabric mill etc. so you know, I KNOW what I'm buying. unfortunetely, jo-anns doesnt have any of the colours I need. I need a short pile grey, white, and black, and a long pile white for those fluffy lemur ears.

I think I'm going to go with CR crafts seal for the short pile, but I'm not sure about the long pile. I was thinking the fox fur? It seems like it would be long enough, but hows the quality?

Also. This will only be a partial suit, I'm making a head and mits up to my shoulders. How much fabric would you estimate goes into that? I figured a yard of grey, being the primary colour might cut it. all the others I could make due with a half yard.

I was even thinking, that being a girl and having some obvious antomical features that guys dont have, Id make a female version for the suit. Like his girlfriend. But, now I'm trying to figure out, how could I attach a wig to a suit? and does anyone have any cheap-o wig links? I checked the one in the info, and it seemed a tad expensive.

Sorry for my rambly-ness! catch yous around and thanks!
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The Burmecian Soldier // FFIX

Fatsuits and your take on them?

I have read up on the entries in the memory section concerning plushie-type fursuits, and the several corresponding comments on fatsuits. However, I wanted to ask fellow fursuiters if there are any specific patterns for fatsuits that you have utilized to your advantage, and which material (foam, doll / polyfil stuffing, etc.) works best in such an undersuit.

I can use all the help I can get, as I am about to undertake a very big project (along the calibur of the not-so-human characters in the Mario Bros. video games). I have a rather large body frame (I'm called the "female linebacker" by quite a few), but I wanted to go all out (if that was possible, lol).

Thank you guys!!
Ichi :P

Update on Ichi

So I'm finally posting an update on Ichi, go me! :P

Anyway, here are a few current pic's Front Side Front Mouth Open, yes she has a green tongue, And glow in the dark teeth! :D

I tried to make eyes.. and kinda failed... Front with eyes Side with eyes

there are two different types of black fur on her head at the moment, MM Black fox, which will be the rest of her head, and High-low shag from Mendels, the high-low is sssooooo soft. Note: her bottom jaw will be shaved down once all the furring is done. Once the furring is done I need get a wig.. which will be fun considering I'm really anal about her hair color.... Nar, I'll find something. XD

Comments, crits, whatever welcome :]
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elliot lion?

Hi I was just wonderiong if anyone had any detail pics of elliot lion or knew who made him? I am trying desperately to make a lion head and I cant get the shape right. I was looking for a lion similar in head shape to elliot. I have printed out countless real lion pics but I want a toony style head, and elliot is perfectly shaped as far as I am concerned. Thanks in advance`
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Neck Help

I finally got 5 yards of fur for my fursuit, yay. Before I start furring the head, there is a question I need to ask. It has been pestering me for a long time. How exactly do you fur the neck? Is it a seperate piece that you sew onto the head or not?

Thank you!