September 8th, 2006


Current Progress on a Boon Head! :)

Yes! It's a BOON! Which is a bunny-coon! This is my first fursuit commission and is for my dear, dear friend Armand Nousagi! I would *love* some critiques on this head while I am still in "scultping" stage. :)

***PLEASE NOTE*** - The bottom jaw is not set and neither are the ears. I just pinned them in there for the picture since as of now I am more concerned with the face. That and I can't find my wire cutters and they are in the utility room somewhere and I need them to work on the ears. :) Also, he has a longer muzzle like a raccoon but I gave him puffy bunny cheeks. This suit will have a moveable jaw and 3D eyes. Also, be gentle with me. T'is only my third fursuit head. :) Any critiques and tips will be very much appreciated as I want to do a very very good job on this head!

One thing I do notice right away is I need to add more foam to the right side of the muzzle.
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Thanks all!
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Santa Fox

Fursuiter Etiquette for Non Suiters

Hi, everyone,

I'm putting together a page of tips on "Fursuiter Etiquette for Non-Suiters" to share with attendees of Furry Weekend Atlanta. I've listed the thoughts I had below the cut, but I want to know what tips you'd most like to share about how non-suiters can make your furry con fursuiting experience a little bit easier on you. Take a look at my list and then let me know what you think and what other tips you would like to have shared.

Thanks and Cheers!

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