September 9th, 2006

Niiku - rave lights wooo lineart by Frea
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Hello everyone! :3 i'm pretty new to the community, and i've got two reasons for posting this. firstly, i'd like to say hi to everyone i havent met yet ^^ so hi there!

and secondly, i'm going to be making my first fursuit head pretty soon here, and i've got a question to any experienced suiters. my fursona is a unicorn, and i've been thinking of using faux suede for the muzzle tip, which is supposed to be flesh, not furred. same with the insides of the ears. how easy is faux suede to work with? will it glue as easily as fur would to foam?

also, and while i think toony eyes are adorable and everything, i'd like to avoid using that style of eye for my suit. i'd also like to avoid using glass eyes, so does anyone have any ideas on how to get a middle ground between the two?
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Body Pod question.

All of you performers out there, and costumers too, what have you used for a body pod for your costumes?? What has worked, and what hasn't?

In one of my suits, I currently have a 6 inch piece of foam, from my neck to my crotch, giving me the girth, and I'd really like to swap this out with something ALOT less hot. Its currently in the form of a diaper, excuse the mental image, but I step into it, it goes up over my shuolders, then zip it up the front, then the foam gets snapped to this. It moves with me, but its just so hot and blah. So, Im curious what all is out there?

Are there any good costume makers or costume companies that I can be referred to for some help on this? Any I should stay away from?

By Veemonsito

3D Eyes

Does anybody know of any online tutorials (Or would be kind enough to offer me some tips) about 3D Eyes? The most I know is that it's a kind of optical illusion, using concave/convex plastic with a black bottom for the pupil. (?)
Any help appreciated :D

EDIT: Aaa. Thankyou :D I really should have checked the memories section before I posted. Thanks again :)