September 10th, 2006


moveable jaw?

So anyway guys,
I want to get started on my fursuit head today, buuuut, I'd really like to make a moveable jaw. the last one I made used elastic and work awesome before I furred it, but after that it failed miserably :(

So I was looking through the memories and I came across this tutorial by Rose Quoll. It seems like it would work famously, and since I use plastic mesh, it wouldnt be hard to incorporate:

unfortunetely, I have no idea where to get that foam! I know exactly what she mean by it, but alas I have no foam stores nearby, save joanns. So is there anything else I can work with do you think?

Also any tips for her hair would be awesome. In my previous entry, Ena and Taintiecat mentioned crepe wool? It seems pretty reasonably priced an all, but how much would I need? and any other suggestions?

I'm aiming to have this done for halloween :3!

Also: here's the final character; her name is Cassidey the she-emo-lemur :3

still not sure how to do the eyes? but I'm sure I'll be back with plenty of questions about those! You guys are so fantastic! Thanks for all the help so far!
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latex pawpads

hey all!

i have been working on a project for a up coming Ren faire and also for Furfright.

now because i tend to get ahead of my self.. i already hand sewn the hand paws together BEFORE i added pawpads. so to pretend this was my plan all along; i decided i would make latex paw pads.

but i have no clue where to start.. i have some Roma clay and i have some latex but i am certain it's the wrong kind ( comes in a round container you can buy at micheals called 'Build A mold') now i am wondering if i can just make a mold out of sculpey ( basiclly a inverted paw pad) or do i have to use the roma clay? also what kind of latex should i use? and can i color it?

also... i have another question, what does everyone use to gloss there noses and mouths? i use this Varish thats called ( i think) Deracoat, which works fine but it tends to peel off. is there a gloss i can use thats shiny yet hardens? i almost thought about using clear expoy...but i didn't think that would work. so i thought i should ask here.

EDIT: i wanted to ask about the varnish..has anyone used the gloss sprays? or the matte finish sprays on anything? i am curious cause both times i had HORRIBLE experince. one i used a spray gloss and it ATE the sculpey nose i made, it basiclly turned the sculpey ( which was baked) into goo. i was so pissed.....and the other day i had painted a long horn my most recent project with gold paint that needed to be sealed, but when i tried to seal it the paint RAN after the paint dried for more then 24 hours... i just thought i would give a warning about spray glosses. cause i have lost many a sculpture to the sprays as well =\

thanks guys!
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Polyfill Feetpaws

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a good tutorial or pattern for polyfill feetpaws. So far ive been carving the foot out of foam and then gluing and sewing the fur on by hand. Although this doesn't look bad at all, it is very time consuming and I'm always up to try new things! I've seen polyfill feet before and think the poofiness is so cute, and I want to try and make my own, but I haven't seen any tutorials anywhere.
Any help would be awesome!
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I am so lost on what kind of fur this is someone HELP ME!!!!!!!

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I don't know if its snow leo fur or if its greaf and white fur. I'm so lost. idid not buy this. It was a gift from fur.
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LED wiring and info

I'm making my own costume for Haloween this year, and it's going to be of the Minotaur from "Shadow of the Colossus". Here's a pic if you've never played the game. Anyway, I know how I plan to build it and all that, but I need some more info on LED. I plan on making the eyes and glyphs (a symbol you need to stab the colossi in to kill them) glow with them, for an added effect. I know there are a few people who've used these in various ways, and a tutorial or notes on basic wiring would be nice. I don't want to screw up and shock myself.
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Fursuit Pics on DA

Hey all! I just made a new DeviantArt account to post all of my fursuit-related items, as well as other crafts: I am currently taking commissions for furry gear and there is a price list on my journal there, for anyone interested. If not, I hope you enjoy the piccies. :D I have one full suit, and the rest is pretty much ears and tails but some of those are pretty nifty. :)
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I made teh Eyes

Greetings, I did it. I made a set of Grrowly eyes, check them out,

Okay, Sheet plastic pvc, Buckram fabric white, Brown and white paint marker. Permanant marker black, Super glue and tacky glue.

I hope I can impress Grrowly with them because I had trouble understanding things and i feel so stupid that it was blatently simple. Thankyou so very very much. I need to mark up my Coveralls for fur pattern and get started one the body suit. How should i do the neck, seam that seals the suit and tail. Thios is a tall order but beginning to finalize things. Wish me luck and 3 words. Advise advise advise! give me help if you can help.
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Fursuit Neck Design

I'm currently working on a fursuit and am thinking about how to do the neck part. One design I'm considering is like this fursuit:

I really liked how the neck is clearly defined. I don't have a link, but I also saw Alopex use this design in his Jackelope fursuit.

One concern that gives me pause is that my fursuit is made with thick fur that has a 2-1/2 inch pile. Would such a design work with thick fur around the neck, or am I better off making the neck part of the head instead?