September 12th, 2006

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Hiding hair

My hair is very long.

And as such, I've found hiding it under costume heads can be pretty tricky. The costume I'm currently planning, a version of Neil Gaiman's Lady Bast, is going to be pretty sparse, as Bast doesn't wear a lot of clothes. While my past experience with costuming allowed me to hide a tight braid of my hair beneath the head and my shirt, this time I'm going to have to put all of my hair underneath the costume head. Are there braiding or bun techniques that anyone could suggest to make this doable?

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I'm keeping it simple, considering what clothing will suit her but still be found in a Target or Goodwill. Also, for anyone else doing an Egyptian-themed costume, this is a really neat accessory I'm going to attempt, maybe you'll find the instructions useful as well.

seraph coon?

I was just looking through con pics and I was wondering if anyone had any pics of the angel coon (seraph???) that was the alter ego of brimstone?....I love Arend Studios' work but I can't seem to find this angel coon in any picture archives. I think it was made in early 06? Thanks in advance for your time
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Kit my other fursona

Bird feet?


Making a blue jay costume for a fellow mascot/fursuiter friend of mine, and I need to know where to find a good pattern and/or tutorial for bird talons/feet. It just needs to come up to the ankle at least.

Any help on this would be appreciated!! Thank you!

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