September 15th, 2006

Niiku - rave lights wooo lineart by Frea
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FINALLY started workong on my Niiku fursuit head! this is my first try at this, so it's really been a learning experience the whole way. all i've got so far is the main mesh done, i'll add the jaw later once i've got foam and all that good stuff. also, for future referance: fursuit heads + HUGE ears = pain in the butt!

Edit: will upload new pictures today! i shortened the muzzle a bunch last night, and it does look better XD and for those who are questioning the ears, YES they are supposed to be that long >.< here's a recent picture i drew of her if you STILL dont believe me:

and please, when i post new pics.. read comments already given, because it was kind of... um... redundant to read the same "you need to shorten the muzzle" comment over and over again.
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My girlfriend and I started working on these this past Monday or so. Just finished carving the foam and are posting pictures to get critique on it. We want them to be "perfect", so to say, before we fur them..whenever our fur comes in.

We plan to wear them during Halloween.

Here's the link to Raven's (my girlfriend) gallery:

This is Raven's first time making a suit :) With some help on my side.

Here's the link to my character Rufus' gallery:

Rufus's ears are missing and won't be added until my fur is sent down from my previous home.

We also want to get ideas on how to do the eyes..we probably will use plastic bowls since they'll be toony suits. But we were wondering if we should add more foam around the sockets before we fur the that the general shape of the eye is there. We won't add much foam because I know fur adds bulk and we don't know how big the eyes will be right now.

Any help/tips would be great.
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