September 16th, 2006

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New Husky Suit: Zenius

Introducing my latest work, the red/black husky, Zenius. This suit's original concept came from the thought, "You know, I could make a better suit than my school's mascot." So I did. Compare!

My school's colors (Northern Illinois University) are red and black, so naturally I had to go with the crazy Joann fur. When used properly I think this fur is fantastic. It's so soft! I am extremely huggable in this suit. Too bad it's not the same inside- I didn't sew the muslin undersuit into the body, so the rough fur backing rubs on me, unless I wear Underarmour.

One of these days I'll learn to go into more character background with my fursuits... maybe? I dunno, I just like building them!

I can't take all the credit for this one- the lovely semjay helped me make the head for this suit by sculpting foam for use on a balaclava mask, baking me a cute little nose and teeth, and cutting and painting the eyes!

Construction Picture Gallery
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Could be better, but I'm really really happy with how this turned out. I think I'm hooked on balaclava style heads now.

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Righto, this is an odd one for all of you - it's a combo post, mostly about fursuit and character design so I hope I stay on topic.

Ok! So, I've got a character in mind. I've got a basic character design but without distinguishing features or colour, but it's a character that I'm rather keen on developing and eventually making into a suit once I figure out the specifics.

She's a couatl. For those unfamiliar with south american mythology, a couatl is a winged snake, or sometimes a snake covered completely in feathers. A (rather amazing) drawing that I commissioned from one of my favourite artists is here. I -love- this picture, the full feminine figure is a huge part of the character outline as is the naga tail. I'd probably like slightly larger wings, but the aztec-style garb and the feathered headdress are a must. Aside from those, the snakelike head (pythonesque if possible) is the only thing that I'd like to see slightly differently.

Now, because I'm not very good at designing interesting characters, I'd like to open this up to all of you fursuiters and design-oriented types on here because you might like to play around... I might even go so far as to turn it into a competition, I'll award prizes of fursuit pieces (with the biggest prize being a basic partial suit) if I get some interest going.

This brings me to the second part of the post, which is ideas for a 'naga' type suit. I've got some things worked out on paper that might work, but as for tail action and forward movement... Stumped. Mostly.
It might end up being a static suit, poseable on the spot and able to crawl along by dragging my body with my arms, which would be interesting in itself... But it's much more fun to throw around some ideas!

It being 3am, I should sign off and stop rambling. Bye!
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Okay guys! i fixed the muzzle of the head last night, so here's some pics. i also brought the angle up a bit too, so the nose wasnt pointed at the ground so much. :3 tell me what you think, and please be gentle. Also, PLEASE read other comments so i dont get 4,000 of the same thing being told to me by different people. thanks guys!
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 and to answer questions asked before, YES her ears are supposed to be huge. i know they're overly large. it's on purpose.
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Can you mix Acrylic paints with Latex?

Whew, Ive finally got my hands on some more Scupley, Plaster and Rubber Latex to make the paw pads and nose for me fursuit, Yoruichi kitty from Bleach. I bought some acrylics for her eyes and "Rose Pink" for the pads but I have a question.

Can you mix Acrylic paints with Latex? I think this might be easier and turn out better than painting it after the latex has dries. Am I wrong? Do I mix it or do I apply it after it sets? If I can use acrylics, how can I change the color of the latex? My latex is white.