September 17th, 2006


Skintight fursuit

I've been thinking about a skintight fursuit... Would a fursuit made of a stretchvelvet or velour turn out well? The character that I'm thinking of making is a nine-tailed, bewinged kitsune...with shiny fur. That's why I'm curious about making a tight-fitting suit with such a material. I don't have the resources to attempt her now, so at this point she's still just an idea.

How would I go about making a head that would fit with the suit? Would it be possible to fur it using velvet/velour? Or would I have to buy fur to do it? What's the best way to attach feets?

Thanks in advance for advice ^^ Links muchly appreciated.

Arm padding?

I am working on my first full suit and I've been trying to get an unusual shape for the arms. Insted of getting thinner near the hands its supposed to get thicker (kind of like guilamon). Does anyone have any pictures of arms like that? Thank you :)
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Finally got a chance to do a couple of pics in my fox suit!

Unfortunately, most of the pics didn't turn out so good because a few things came untied in the other pics, but these were OK.  I may have to see if someone can make some alterations on this suit for me.

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Hello everyone. Few head questions

Hello. I am going to be making a head and I already made a mold cause I was planning on making an acrylic skull or fiber glass skull to base on. I have fiberglass resin and lots of acrylic mix. Does anyone else use this technique and if not is there a reason why other then availability and ability to use fiberglass and acrylic? If there is someone who does what is better Acrylic or fiberglass or some sort of mix?