September 18th, 2006

Niiku - rave lights wooo lineart by Frea
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Moving jaw

here's an update on my fursuit head construction :3 added the moving jaw last night. the chin looks a bit crooked, and it's made worse by the SLIGHT angle i'm turned from the camera, but i plan on making it look straight with strategic foam carving. this will be the last update till i get ahold of some foam ^^

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i used a modified version of Rose Quoll's method for making moving jaws. pretty much the same exact thing, only using mesh instead of hanger wire. the wire was hard to bend, and dug into my face no matter how much i fiddled with it, and ended up being too much hassle and pain than it was worth to me, so i futzed around with mesh until this happened, and it works really well. the jaw is sensitive to the slightest jaw motions, and my boyfriend commented "oh jeeze that's creepy ._." when he took these photos and i was talking to him XD the base that the bottom jaw is built on is a flip-flop from a pair i bought at wal-mart for a dollar. very sturdy, but hard to cut XD so, next update will be a while, kuz i have to figure out where to get some upholstery foam, my local wal-mart and meijer dont carry it, and the jo-ann's WAYYYY overcharges for it. i've got some ideas though.
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