September 20th, 2006

  • vaide

Glowing eyes and blood


Does anyone have any tutorials regarding how to make glowing glass eyes?

Also, does anyone have any tips for creating the illusion of fresh blood on fur, like a creature has just been feasting on something? Is there any special paint I can possibly buy or mix that dries glossy and looks wet? And what about drops of 'fresh' blood, made from some something like some glue with paint mixed in to create little drips? Or any other suggestions for this? :)

And one more thing... where do people get the realistically sized manequin heads? All the ones I find are all dainty wig heads that aren't realistically shaped or sized at all and I'd like to use balacalva so I'm worried that a small shaped head will mess things up when put on a real sized head.

Thanks :)

Best way to sew Seams.

Hello, everybody! Now that I have my fur, I can start on furring my Yoruichi head but I have a big question about seams...-

What is the best way to sew your seams? I dont know either to sew them from the bottom, then attach it to the fursuit head or to tak it down on the head, and sew above it.

Is there a best way to sew? Long or Short?

All Help is greatly appreciated.