September 21st, 2006

Niiku - rave lights wooo lineart by Frea
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Eye materials?

hey everyone. i'm looking around, trying to find just the right stuff to make the eyes on my fursuit. now, i've looked at using plastic or funfoam and chenille, but i find that the chenille is too easy to see in through so you can see my human eyes inside the head. i went and looked at Buckram today at LatinVixen's suggestion, and i couldnt see through it at all ._. i dont know if it was just that kind of Buckram, but i couldnt see a thing.

now, i'd like everyone's suggestions for fabrics and materials i might use. what do you use on your fursuits? does Chenille work better than it would seem? feedback, people! :D
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I'm having a heck of a lot of trouble trying to find some fur! I'm in need of 4-5 yards of short pile (preferably seal or some other very dense pile) silvery grey, or even just a light grey fur. If anyone knows a place that sells this that takes PayPal... or that just ships to Australia... I'd very much like to know.

I know CR's does a sterling grey seal fur, and it looks ok, but I don't like dealing with them anymore since not only do they take DOUBLE the cost out of your account as "confirmation", but I've had trouble with their fur being slightly under par as far as quality goes.

Anyway, yeah. I need silvery fur, and don't have a credit card :|


80s rabbit fursuit; needs sunglasses

I've been putting together a 1980s rabbit dressed like a New Waver who is called "New Wave Rabbit". When I wanted to get into fursuiting, I thought of a rabbit costume as being fun to play. However, it needed something more original so I thought why not a period piece. Thus New Wave Rabbit was born. The rabbit costume is a bunny suit with a red blazer, an orange necktie, Happy Feet sneaker-slippers, and sunglasses.

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My question though is attaching sunglasses to the head. What would you recommend using? Glue?
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Fur and Steel

Hi all,

Having done a few items for myself and others, when it come to cutting fur my weapon of choice is the scalpel. By cutting the back of the fur with a sharp blade I can avoid cutting the hairs on the front without all that tedious mucking around with combs and scissors.

Anyway, my question is bourne of frustration at the way that the fake fur seems to eat blades. Seriously, this stuff could blunt a monomolecular blade.

What do you guys use? Pros and cons, etc. And also: Any ideas how to keep scalpel blades sharper for longer (without resorting to cardboard pyramids).
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Beetle Autumn

springer's back


When did I last post here? July? It sure is nice being back in civilization with an internet connection again!

Not that it went smoothly with my main hardrive crashing almost 2 months ago (and fixed today), meaning I lost all my programs and internet favorites and now have to dig through tens of thousands of recovered files to figure out what else I lost.

And then I found out that hotmail went and deleted all the messages in my account! So if you sent me a message in the last five months.. uh sorry.. but I likely never read it... actually it pissed me off a bit 'cause there are some friends I don't even have phone numbers for.. I just hope they email me eventually to ask why I am shunning them... sigh.

Anyhow, I have a few more pics of Springer to share (thanks to a free image editor.. I miss photoshop already).

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My website is a no go at the moment, since I'm not even sure the new version I wrote up even exists anymore *grumble grumble* But I do have more pictures of things I've made over the summer and I'll gradually put them up here.

I'll also be sticking things out to sell when I get around to it. Pretty much everything I show here will be up for grabs... probably on Ebay. A case of 'clearing out the old' so everything will be insanely cheap. As in 'pay for shipping and a box to put it in and I'm happy' kind of cheap. I'll let you know when I start.

Oh, and my avatar pic is not Springer, although the same fur was used in both. The avatar pic is my halloween costume and I am totally bubbling over in joy at the chance to wear her out in public as she is easily the most awesomest costume I have ever made. She'll show up here eventually, but I'm saving her for last! lol.

EDIT: Springer's first appearance. Different pics and one close up face shot.
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