September 22nd, 2006

Suggestions on my first?

I have started my first suit. I'm on a strict schedular (I have about a week and a half to finish) so if no one whould mind I would like to beat you over the head with some questions.

1)Are the ridges in the head deep enough for 3-D eyes?
2)Should I add foam to the back of the ears?
3)This is going to be a panther (completely black). What type of fur should I use(what do you think would look the best)?
4)Overall, does it look good (good enough to fur with out being misshapen)?

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Beetle Autumn


A deer partial that I made as a prototype (to test my ungulate muscles) before making Springer.

I call her a white-tailed deer although I made her with no particular species in mind.

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She consists of a mask, hood, handhooves, and tail.

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(no subject)

Hi furiends, I am in need of some shaping help on my rabbit head. It will be toony, and I cannot get the cheeks to look right. Now I have started carving one cheek, but it looks weird. Any help would be appreciated.
pics here


(no subject)

Hello all! I'm starting to plan my halloween costume, and I'm looking for some fur.

I'm just making a headband and a tail, and I'm looking for a sort of rust color, in either short pile or a long pile that I can shave. Distinctive Fabric has a long pile burnt orange color, does anyone know what that looks like on a suit? Does anyone have pictures? Also, does anyone have a picture of the beige long pile? I need a little bit for ear tufts. :)

I also need a super long pile, longer than Distinctive Fabric's long pile, in black or a VERY dark brown. If that's about as long as it gets, that's fine, I would just prefer a longer pile.

Here's what the animal looks like. It's a Dhole. :)
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I'm also looking for a tutorial on how I could make the tail that shape, or if you have a drawing you could do to help, it would be much appreciated!

Any help is welcome! Thank you beforehand!
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