September 23rd, 2006

Beetle Autumn


Let us continue this little journey past the hoovers and into the felines...

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I started this lion same time as the deer. I experimented with giving him whiskers but it just didn't look right. And then I was trying to soften the plastic whiskers with heat to make them lay more uniformly.. using my gas stove...

After that, I waa a little too eager with the black paint (even though I know not to even use black) and muddied up his face so he looked like 'Zira' off the 'Lion King'. Not a horrible look, but that much paint makes things really stiff and coarse. So I ended up refurring much of his face (and removing the whisker stubs at the same time).

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And my website is up at . I cut all of the product links but I have a couple tutorials and a quick run through of head making amongst other stuff. Two pics have broken links and the feedback form does not work.

As a side note, anyone who knows php, can I pick your brain? It worked in the old incarnation of my website, but that was wiped and I have since lost all knowledge of how to make this feedback form work. Do I need a sendmail script as well as a feedback script?

EDIT: I figured it out. You may feedback away with abandon :D

I need your honest Critque!

Liek some of you already know, Im making a Yoruichi, as a black cat, fursuit from Bleach. Ive been working on it for some time now and I really really need some of your guy's critques. Im obviously not a professional so yeah. This is only my second fursuit head and I know you guys can do a much better job than me.

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Hiding your face?

I need to hide my face well, and I've considered black make-up, but decided that a black veil or screen would be best. It needs to cover a relatively large area (like a sort of mask) and render my face underneath as invisible as possible. What kind of material would you guys reccomend to conceal oneself?

edit: I've considered Balaclavas, but I need to cover/conceal my eyes with some decent visibility, as it can be one of the weakest illusion points of a costume.
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Here is a question for everyone.... I have seen ears on a headband and one of my co-workers wants me to make her a cat ears and tail set but what I want to do is put fur on the headband so that it will cover the whole thing and not show the headband. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
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Alright, so I finally (almost) finished my first... craft with foam and fur. Footpaws; fairly simple and a good first-time sort of thing, I'm thinking. So I took some pics of the foam and then the finished project :3 The toes look more defined in real life, the flash on my camera also made the fur a bit lighter than it really is ^^ Either way, I'm happy with how it came out for my first time :D

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