September 25th, 2006

Beetle Autumn

feetpaw preferences

Since this is about fursuits, I trust it's acceptable here. Otherwise, I'll move it with no qualms.

Last night, I got hit with artistic inspiration (and why must it always hit right at my bedtime...) and 4 hours later, I have a footpaw prototype (made from paper, thin cardboard, duct tape, and masking tape). Since my muse has evidently decided that it is time to make feetpaws, I want your thoughts.

What types of feetpaws do you prefer? Indoor (outdoor?) ones you wear in sock feet? outdoor ones made over a shoe or slipper (non removable)? outdoor ones made so you can use your own shoes? etc. Why?

What are the essential characteristics of a good footpaw? durability? comfort? looks? etc.

Should the furry leggings (if any) be left seperate (so paw can be taken off without removing leggings)? Or do you like them attached (so the seams are hidden and footpaw cannot fall off)?

And anything else you want to add that I've overlooked, not having personally worn any sort of feetpaws myself.

Let's have a nice rousing debate :D
  • mashteh

Furry Feet, some assembly required

Pardon an utterly braindead question, but I saw an online tutorial online on how to make close fitting fursuit feet by making duct-tape patterns, now I can't find the site again ;_;

I've made the templates, but can anyone hopefully provide the link I saw? I saw it while perusing from work and didn't have a chance to book-mark it.. HELP! @_@
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Beetle Autumn

mongolian fur

Saw some delightful material today labeled 'mongolian fur'. It looks almost exactly like a sheep pelt from a long wool sheep, like this

It is thick, coarse, and knotty. The backing is pretty thick and it looked to be fairly heavy.

Has anyone made a suit from something like this? Or what do you think a fur like this would be like as a fullsuit? Would a partial be a better idea?
  • yagfox

Night vision!

A reasonably relevant question as the nights draw in and Halloween approaches! :) I am experimenting with swapping the normal painted plastic mesh used in the eyes of one of my suits, for one that lets a bit more light through. This being for a particularly dark upcoming event.

Of course I realise that this will no longer offer the full blackout-of-eyes afforded by the normal mesh, I intend to swap it back afterwards for more regularly illuminated events.

I have been trying different types and grades of mesh to see which gives the best result, and I suppose which is the best trade off between seeing and being seen! :)

Has anyone else tackled this problem and got any advice or suggested materials?

Look what i went and did

I've been hanging round for a while, i even own one partial suit already but i had never done what many of you have done. built my own head.

i started playing with the frame last week but i finially decided to dive in this weekend.

he's still without a nose, teeth and a few other details but i'm pretty proud of the results

So far the opinions i've gotten were ok, execpt my girlfriend keep saying the eyes are spooky.

I'd like th personally thank bladespark for her help, every time i was stuck or just didn't know what to do she would offer up great suggestions.

And no his name is not officially scruffy, it was just the first thing that popped to mind for the picture names

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