September 26th, 2006

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belly scales

So this weekend I attempted belly scales for real for once.

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Fun fact about the scales: this is a front-zipping suit, which I prefer, since it allows you to zip yourself rather than having to rely on others. I considered putting the zipper in the back, but then realized it would mess with the spines going down the back seam. First, I tried using velcro to attach the vinyl scales to the belly: I sewed the belly strips to two long strips of fleece down the sides, then sewed on velcro. Walmart ran out of white velcro, so I had white on one side and black on the other. I attached the opposite pieces to the body suit about 3" away from the zipper. After attaching the scales, they wouldn't lie down right, and I wound up looking like a baseball umpire! So I cut the velcro off, leaving some fleece, and sewed it straight into the body. A small problem here- this made access to the zipper very difficult. Thank god I'm skinny and fleece stretches, because the only way in/out of this outfit is through the neck hole.

I still think this thing looks like pajamas. In fact, I'll probably be wearing it as pajamas tonight.

Has anyone else ever had success with a suit design involving belly scales and a spine ridge along the back? If so, where in the heck did you put the zipper? And do fleece suits really work out that well? I don't have a full-body shot quite yet- I still plan to make wings for the suit. I have an idea for those, which I deeefinitely will post when they're done...
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Inflatable suits

(I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this topic)

A few months back I asked if anyone knew any rubber/inflatable suits and I have forgotten the links.

If anyone makes them let me know...I'm after the pictures too of them.

(Oz Kangaroo if you are out there please e-mail me.)

(I saw links like Pretty Pervy and such like this.)
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(no subject)

Posting for my mate. He's looking for some dragon scale like fabric, even shiny/sparkly might be alright, in a bright blue hue. Any clue where we could find somthing like this, like imitation snake skin textured silky fabric?

We've looked and looked to no avail, yet.

Thank you very much!
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Version Two

Does anyone remember my slightly crappy (well, I thought it was) fursuit head from last year? well, I'm at it again, this time with a much _better_ version, I call it, 'Version Two'

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The question is, What now? what sort of eyes do I attempt to make? I want to try making myself a set of 'follow me' eyes, but I'm not sure how to go about it

Balaclavas and Dive skins.

In only a matter of days or a few weeks, I'll have my first fursuit and will be wearing it during Halloween for when a friend comes to visit me and we do some fursuiting together. Before I go fursuiting though, I need to find and buy some extra balaclavas and bodysuits to wear under the fursuit. My main question isn't quite about WHERE to buy these items, but rather what types/styles are the best in terms of quality and wicking sweat away and so forth? Also, how many extra balaclavas or bodysuits should I buy? If I wash one, then I'm going to need another later when I fursuit while the first one is drying, right?

1. Balaclavas: Cotton, fleece, silk, or other?
2. Bodysuits: Lycra dive skin, dance unitard, or other type?
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Beetle Autumn


My Halloween costume :) She's still an unfinished partial (needs paws sewed and adjustments to tail). The pictures are pretty cruddy, especially sizing them down so much, but I adore her.

The mouth movement is dreamy. I can open and close her mouth as easily as I can my own. Although her lips do not move, it is easy to think she's talking because the mouth articulation is so soft and natural.

I made all her jewelery. She is intended to be worn with a balaclava, although I probably won't :) I don't care if anyone can see me inside the costume. I can eat and drink (with a straw, of course, her muzzle is too long) while wearing her :D

Perhaps in the future I will turn her into a full suit, but, maybe not, as she looks pretty great in a black leather jacket :P

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She is so far unamed. Any suggestions?
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Free fur remnants

Hi there-

We've got a bunch of random remnants of fur, from both our Faux Fur and Long Pile categories up for grabs, check out the specific types of fabric offered here:

-and than let me know which one's you're interested in. I'll than get back to you and let you know which are available and we'll take it from there.

There's a few hundred pieces maybe total (haven't had a chance to count 'em yet) and we'll be giving away 3-5 pieces per person at a time, on a first-come, first-served basis. All you've got to arrange for is shipping, which unfortunately is only available via FedEx at this time; accepted forms of payment are:

-visa, mastercard, discover, american express
-check or money order

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
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Designing a Suit

Heya. I think I'm ready to go off in to my first foray into a real fursuit. I've decided to do a partial 'throw away' to learn the ropes on before doing a full suit of one of my 'real' characters.

But that brings me to why I'm posting here, which is for a few answers. To begin with, what sort of steps help design a fursuit? I've got next to no sewing experience (done basic clothing repairs and made a rather sad tail once), but I am somewhat handy with 2-d art. Is is just good enough to make a good character design and good reference pictures to work with, or something more indepth? What species have you guys found easy (easier, anyways) to make as far as heads, paws, and tails? Also, what species sell well in the market afterwards? I only plan on wearing it a few times, it's mostly for experience in costume making.

I'm ambitious, so I'm doing to do a balakava head. I like the way those look better than carved or toaster heads. I don't know if I want to do 'tracking eyes' or if I'll just do flat painted ones. Probably the latter, but I want to at least build the tracking ones out as an experiment.

Anyways, any suggestions for a first timer would be great too.


colour match?

I'm going to make a fursuit head which will extend down the neck a little. My problem is that I really need a longer fur on the neck and a shorter fur on the face and they HAVE to be the same colour.

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Or is there an alternative way of doing this? I was thinking maybe if I bought a light coloured long and short fur and then airbrushed them both to the same colour this may work or what if I just bought the long and cut it as needed around the face. My only concern here is if the fabric would look bald or not (I could use hair trimmers to get an even length)

Help would be fantastic!!