September 28th, 2006

Le Chocolate Chef

PVC, Vinyl, And Latex

I heard a few people asking where they could get a wide variety of PVC and vinyl for pawpads and such and just wanted to share a site I came across I haven't gotten a chance to order anything from them yet due to lack of funds so I'm not sure of quality or reliblity. I hope this is helpful.
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Niiku - rave lights wooo lineart by Frea
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Hey Guys!

I need some help getting some fur! all the furs at the stores near me in the colors i need are WAY too expensive. i have little to no money, but i CAN pay with art, and perhaps a little money on the side. any agreement that might be made will be assured to get bumped to the top of my priority list.

SO! i need a medium tan or light brown fur, preferably seal or something soft and short pile. if you only have long pile, that's cool, i can shave it :3 i need about... oh.... 2 yards? something like that. i also need a nice long-pile white or cream, maybe like a yard or a little under. something about 2 inches in pile probably? anyone have anything close to either of those? i need them before halloween, so i'm prepared to do twice the amount of art than the fur's worth, please see my examples and prices here: i also do Second Life avatars and textures! PLEASE help me out here, i really dont want to have to resort to the crappy Fun Fur junk at the store... >.<;;
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Another couple of things that have been chewing at me lately...

Latex. Fun stuff to play with, cast with and goop all over things. But -sheet- latex is what I'm talking about here - the stuff that's usually incredibly expensive. Now, once I get hold of some, does anyone here have any experience working with it? I know it can be sewn and I'm not worried about that, but I'm looking for someone who's had some experience with glued seams and perhaps making inflatable suit parts. If anyone's had even a small amount of success I'd love to talk out a few ideas!

The purple mammoth suit that people voted on and said I should do is almost complete! All that needs doing is the head furring and the toenails. Now... I'm torn on whether to keep it as a personal suit or sell it. It fits me nicely but could -easily- fit someone taller and with longer arms, and as I'm quite large around the middle it'd obviously fit anyone with a decent tummy, or could be padded for someone slim.
The thing is, I still don't have a personal suit to wear around. Not even a partial. So, keep it, or sell it to get materials for my upcoming personal suit? Do you think anyone'd actually buy a purple mammoth, even if it really cute?

Working on a small bat/dragon wing tutorial to be posted here soon :)


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Hi all, been awhile since I posted anything. I just finished a suit for a friend of mine, Nipobow the Frabbit (fox/rabbit). He'll be making his premiere at MFF this year. Click below to see him.

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Hope you all enjoy, critiques are welcome.
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Help! I need a list

I have been trying to get a fur friend of mine to email a list of things I need to start a fursuit head.. 

So here is a silly question.. if you were gonna start ona fursuit head (first one ever!!) What list of supplies would you suggest?? Any Wolfie pup tutorials out there I can look up?? I went through some of the memories on head making and most of the pictures were either not what I was looking for or not available.. I have no idea where to start!!! 

One lost pup... 


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Nail polish on sculpy

Project #9000: How does nail polish look on sculpy claws?
Result: huge success

__mandymoo commissioned me to make black fox paws with hot hot hot pink nails. The hot pink sculpy turned dull red after baking, so I decided to go to Walmart and pick up some nail polish. Now imagine this, a 6'2" scraggly male college student perusing through the cosmetics section and going "oooh ahhhh"... okay, now for something completely different!


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More pictures available in my gallery.

Trust me, they look a million times better in person. Shiny black fur doesn't show up very well. And that third picture is me walking digitigrade in them because they're about seven sizes too small. No joke.

For my next project... light-up claws. I've got like 200 green LED's and a soldering iron that I'm just itching to use.

Otherwise, I am open for commissions, as usual. For a guide, a pair of paws like this is about $40-50 shipped to the US. If you're interested, my contact info is on my LJ User Info page. Hats, tails, feet, paws of any sort, and heck, even full/partials! Okay, /shamelessselfplug

Chainmail anyone?

I need to purchase some chain mail for one of the fursuits I am working on and am having a hard time finding what I need. I have seen it so I know it exists but Google wasn't much help. I was told by my mate that there was a Fur that makes chain mail? Or perhaps you know of a place where I can purchase it?

I am looking for black or gunmetal very small, close-knit loop chain mail. It does not have to be metal. Any Suggestions? Thanks!