September 29th, 2006

  • adaven

Brown creatures...

Hmm... Been a while since I've posted... And, since I've just discovered the healing powers of costuming (been through the whole middle of the Summer and beginning of classes without sewing/crafting and ended up sick... twice.), I've decided to start again with the furry love.

Question is... Could anyone lend me some creature ideas for a one-color/monotone suit?

The fur I have on-hand is very similar to CRS Fabric's Cinnamon Cubby Fur.

I was thinking a "house cat" and my beau was thinking "deer" (but I'm not diggin' deer at the moment :\ )... Then I thought, "floppy-earred puppy"... Boring, somewhat. I'm just going to create a bodysuit and have a hood with ears attached since I'm possibly planning to wear it on-campus on an art/photography day (I don't want to deal with the hassle of running around college grounds without a spotter nearby or looking like I decapitated a mascot). I also thought this was pretty cute (lil' puppy costume for kiddies).
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