September 30th, 2006


Meet Cornwall the Dragon.

Hi I'm new to the community and I was told that I should put up some pictures of my fursuit here. I've been interested in mascots and fursuits for a long while and was encouraged by a few friends to get one of my own. I finally got one commissioned a few months later. I had Noble Productions to commission the suit for me and the design was commissioned by Nick Wolf. Cornwall is very expressive but don't get the wrong impression of him. He's very friendly and loves to have fun.

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Outdoor feet

I right now have indoor feetpaws for my fursona suit but, even now they are getting all banged up. Does anyone have a cheap suggestion on how to put hardsoles on the bottom of them? Can I cut the tops off a pair of old converse and use them? I don't want to completely redo the feet as I do not have the time or the money.

Also for Halloween, I am making the balls on the annetenna glow, the eyes, and the claws. Does anyone have a suggestion for something clear that glows in the dark? I don't want it ruining to color of the eyes or claws.

~Skittle T. Furfag <333
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Smile roxy

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As much as I really don't feel like working on it...
But I want something for halloween...

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a wig. Something that resembles the style and color below.. Or should I just try to find hair extentions and sew it in like that? (I'm not sure how I would get the wig on around the ears, which would be more near the top of the head than on the side like the picture..)

Also, for her shirt.. Does anyone know where I could get a cute looking skull patch or iron on transfer? I tried eBay but they all ended up looking hidious. I'd buy the print out ones.. because I have a skull I like.. But my printer isn't good enough. Does anyone know anyone that can make a transfer/patch with this picture? Or that can make thier own cute type skull something like in the pictures below?

Thanks!! :D

WTF, Monterey Mills?!?

I heard the new "quality" of their seal isn't as good as it used to be, but I haven't noticed that yet.. but I DID receive some REALLY poor quality warm beige short teddy... the EXPENSIVE stuff too! >:/ I already had some on me, and it's normally very soft, fluffly, and somewhat thick. But the warm beige I received lately is flat, thin and with a slightly coarse texture. It's horrible! I had to go back and check over my invoice for it to make sure they did infact send me short teddy and not plush. >.<

I really want to complain to CR's and see if they have something better in, but unfortunately I can't really do anything about it, since it was purchased months ago. Anyone else with these quality issues? Obviously it's MM's doing.. maybe they need a few complaints e-mailed to them.
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New Masks!

I've got two new heads done-both commissions. I thought I should show them to you guys. The first is a badger/wolverine head that I built for a 10 yr old boy, and the other is a red/black wolf for a person on Second Life.

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hauntedhomo, mat

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i've said this a few times now but this time i mean it. I'M GONNA START MY SUIT AGAIN. >D

i need about a 1/2 yd of white shag fur, and a bit less of some medium pile pink, not too pale. if someone has a bit they can sell me fer cheap, pleaaase do. i am poor. :3

thankyou much in advance to anyone who can help meh <3 ^ ^