October 2nd, 2006

Niiku - rave lights wooo lineart by Frea
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Part 2 of my 2-head project

so, i started my second head in this introductory escapade into fursuiting, and so i thought i'd show pictures of the mesh thing here. just so you all know, i'm done tweaking it, so dont tell me what needs fixing, because it's not getting fixed untill i start foaming. i already know the problem areas and i'm going to address them as i go. :3

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anyway, the character is a weasel named Rian, who can be seen here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/31876805 (he's the one on the left) i messed up the ears in the picture, so they appear longer than they should be. they're really wider and rounder than that, more like a rat's ears than a weasel's. *shrugs* it's my boyfriend's character, and he likes big ears, so whutevah.

i got ahold of some foam, so i'll start the next stage into this adventure tomorrow i think XD it's a daunting thing, and i'm kinda scared, but i'm just going to jump into it and see how it goes. wish me luck!
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Heya, everyone! This is Zen Fox (not to be confused with the artist known as Zen) posting something to you all for the first time. I'm a fur that's looking to do custom commissions for anyone that may be interested, or if anyone would like help with fursuit concepts and so forth. If you're interested, feel free to contact me via aim, email, or lj. I do also have a place for some things I've done and placed on furaffinity here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zenfox/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! =^,^=
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I have looked up several tutorials on plastic mesh heads and such... but I was wondering if there is a detailed diagram on a moving jaw. I have seen the brad method... but no construction diagrams that I have found.. 

Any help would be great..

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Duct Tape Dummies and Odd Fur

Behold two totally unrelated questions!

First, I'm planning to make duct tape models of my legs from the knee down. Must I destroy clothes for this, or would wrapping my legs in plastic wrap work? I read our fearless leader's duct tape FAQ; is there anything else I need to know before I start?

Second, I was given about a yard of weird-grained, coarse, very short pile fake cow fur and a ragged half-yard of fake sheepskin (curly blonde on one side, tan on the other). I would like to use them, but I don't have the first clue what to do with them. Suggestions?

Thank you all for your time!

The biggest costume I've ever done- and I need suggestions!

I think I've posted this somewhere before a while ago. Hmm....oh well. Ok, I've decided that someday (soon), I want to make a costume of one of my favorite movie characters of all time- Oogie Boogie! Now, if you're not familiar with Tim Burton's masterpeice 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', Oogie Boogie is the villian, a giant evil sack of bugs! There's some pictures of him behind the cut!

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Now, my first question is, would I be able to do this by taking two large sheets of foam about 4" thick and glue/sew them together in Oogie's shape? I know someone who has made an Oogie Boogie suit before and that's the way they did it, but I'm sure I'd probably screw it up. Would I be able to do this suit in something other than foam? Foam is so expensive, especially all I would need for this suit! I'd definetely have to do the head out of foam, but if the body was of something else, would the head have to be connected? I'm guessing so, if I wanted it to look right. I'm basically looking for other methods for doing such a complex-looking costume. If I could find something fairly easy, I'd definetely be motivated to do this by this halloween!
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Last week i decided to make a second version of the head to my hyena suit (now named Jixser). I had most of the materials to do it, just went out and got a balacava, some elastic and some foamies. The old head (my first head) had enough room in the muzzle to install a fan, but it was more bulky when wearing it on the suit and the head would move around if i got active. Hence the decision came to make a more improved head that fit like a glove and looked better.

Here was the old version of Jixser

The eyes are made of foamies and some oil paint markets for iris tone and the light accent on the pupil. I made her look more feminine (even though female hyenas look more masculine than the males) are her head is more angled and hyena like. I tired yellow follow me eyes first and they didn't work as well as the blue and white did. I think there's not enough contrast between white and yellow and human eyes are more naturally drawn towards green and blue.

Now here's the new version (in progress still)!