October 3rd, 2006

Cuddles ^^

Hello everyone!

Greetings all

Some of you may know me, and some may not.
I am constructing a husky suit for myself and wished to inquire about the tail part of the suit.
The current one is connected to a belt that fits inside my suit. That way I can wear it without the suit. The problem is, 1: it has a gap between the top of the hole where the tail would go; and 2: it doesn't quite stick up as well as I'd like it to.

(sorry ahead of time...the only thing I had access to was my webcam...and it's pretty sucky...)
Here's what I am talking about:

Does it stick up better if it's attached to the suit itself?
I wanna work out the details before I spend any money on getting more supplies for it...
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Beetle Autumn

Snowy Pine Forest (LONG)

I hope I'm not getting too weird and 'arty' with this idea but *shrugs* I require a bit of a lead in to the story, so bear with me...

I have some mottled green and mottled brown furs. Put together, they are the perfect colours for a forest and I was going to make a dragon with them (a forest dragon natch). But, I've already made one dragon, and I don't need to repeat myself so quickly for a personal suit. So I began thinking about other animals to make instead.

Additonally, both the furs are short and I was trying to think of what long pile colour I could add and where to put it...

This morning, I had an IDEA.

Collapse )

Anyhow, good idea? Bad idea? I want to hear all commentary, comendations, concerns, etc.

As well, what types of features do you/the genereal public like in an animal? Fangs, claws, antlers, digitigrade legs, perked ears, floppy ears, long tail etc. I do, of course, want it to be a crowd pleaser.
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I am just amazed with myself. :) I think the cuteness comes from the eyes! I've always been intrigued by, Latin Vixen, your eyes.. how they're mostly round and wide open, yet without eyelids they still don't look OVERLY excited. So I decided to make the eyes on this guy circles.. and holy wow, I think that did it!

Body and everything for this will be finished at a later time.. but I just HAD to post the head sofar.

Speaking of finishing this.. does anyone have any extra of that pooh short teddy fur (used on this head)?? I screwed up the whole body pattern cutting it out with the nap going the wrong way, and now CR's out of the fur! >.< I need need NEED it ASAP. ;.; I just need two full yards.

Halloween masky thinger

Mmkay, so I'm pretty new to this whole scene. I've only made one other mask in the past and that was a good 3 or 4 years ago. So here's my second attempt at a mask, yes I'm aware it's far from perfect, but I did get kinda lazy with the papier mache. >.o Critique away!




I based the mask off of a drawing of my personal character that my girlfriend did. She hasn't finished coloring it yet, so I can't really put it up for comparison. :P I WILL be doing an upper body portion for the costume, so any tips on that are more than welcome. :>

(no subject)

Okay, so I just got the fur for my halloween costume shipped in, and I'm getting ready to plan it all out.

One thing has been bugging me, though... What kind of stitch do you use to keep the fur from coming apart? Note that I am only making ears and a tail. I'm probably going to use my sewing machine since it is the quickest way, but I'm open to hand sewing it, as well. The only thing I'm kind of worried about is the quality of the sewing machine, so it might come down to hand sewing. My sewing machine has been in the family for two generations, but it's still in good quality, but I don't want to... you know... kill it. What's a good, really strong stich that I can rely on?

Thanks in advance. :)

I beseach the aid of the elders

Hello, I have been keeping an avid watch on the group here, but I have never properly introduced myself. My name is Mary, and I have been dreaming of building and having made pieces of a partail fursuit.

I hope that I am not rude in asking for help in my first post to the thread. <:) To sum up: I rarely have spare cash. I have been watching a specific silvery-grey short pile plush fur at www.fabric.com. I have a swatch of it and it is perfect for the mouse suit that I am wanting to have made (see my icon for the character). However, although the fabric was listed as having 33 yds in stock yesterday, it would have to be TODAY, the day I got paid to be sold out. I have sent an inquiry to their customer service to find out if the fabric is indeed gone, but if it is I have a problem. I am in desperate need of a short pile light grey fur. If any of you fine experts know of such a fur, I would be forever in your debt. I hate to say I am in a rush to get it, but if I don't order something soon, my spare cash will have to be fed to the bills. Thank you, not only for any help, but also for teaching me and giving me great ideas by reading all of your posts!
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