October 4th, 2006

Furhead virgin

Lols two days of about 4 hours of work and I got this. The neck fluff needs to be taken in a little, so ignore that, I should have glued it to the inside of the head and down, but there wasn't much room, plus I'm very ..very tired and will figure out what to do with it tomorrow. Trial and error, my next head should look so much better... ZER Head version 1.0 and here we go.
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(sadly this is the best ref/image thing I have on hand right now.)
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Other than that, I don't have much to say. I should have taken more time, but I don't have the time to really spend. One day I may be good at this.. not today, though. Ah well, here you go.
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Two Collies...

My first time posting to the group, so hello all. =O)
These two heads were comissioned by a TV producer in Milan, and were completed inside two weeks. I started with a wax sculpt which was used to generate a plaster mould. Polyurathane casts were made and stuck to lycra hoods, before the whole lot was furred, shaved, and airbrushed. Im pleased with the result, although I wish I'd had some really high grade fur to work with. Two heads in two weeks is a new speed record for me. Anyhow, if theres any questions im happy to let people know how I went about things. Cheers.

Bodysuits anyone?

I'm still working on my panther and to tell the truth I'm stuck. I wanted to complete the body before I covered the head but I'm running into some problems.

1)I don't have a pattern to work off of.
2)I tried to create a pattern and it came out distorted and a lot more confusing then helpful.

Can anyone lead me in the right direction?

My Personal Fursuit

Since my mate decided he wants to be a mad scientist for halloween, I changed my mind on my hallwoeen costume and decided I should be my fursona, Rock Zilla (for those who don't know, in my story that started my character, Rock Zilla was originally changed into a werewolf my a mad scientist.). I've found most of the things I need. BUT, I'm missing one tiny thing- I need black and white striped fabric. I've looked all over fabric stores and all over the internet, and I can't find any. I either find shiny, silky fabric, or the stripes are too thin, or it's expensive. Basically, I'm looking for black and white striped cotton fabric, with stripes that are 2-3" apart UNDER $15. If ANYONE can help me I will love you forever =3

(I figured I should post here since most of you know where to find fabric.)
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