October 5th, 2006

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padded undersuits

Somewhat suprisingly, I could find almost no information in the memories regarding padded 'muscle' suits for wearing under a fursuit. Therefore, I have a bunch of questions about them.

1) Are they comfortable? Aside from looking quite hot to wear, can you run/sit/bend over/etc?

1.5) How do you get into the undersuit? Zipper? Spandex?

2) Has anyone made a muscle suit for a feral costume? Digitigrade legs, barrel chest, thick neck. That sort of thing.

2.5) How do you make a costume with a thick neck yet still have a removable head.

3) What would be good materials to use? Stiff/soft/etc? Solid foam seems like it would be quite hot.

4) How to tailor the suit to 'show off' the padding underneath? Adding ab muscles is all well and good, but the fur overtop will just slide over the 'muscles' without defining them.

5) Is it better to just have the over and undersuits permenetly attached?

Help with horns

Hello :3
Recently i've discovered making horns is fun.
They are made of super scuply firm,and as i've said below one of 6 inches in lenth and 1 inch across the base weighs 2oz.I hope to make bigger.

It was suggested to me that people might be interested in custom ones for fursuits,and i'd like to offer them at some point.
My problem is finding a method of making it easy for them to be securely attatched to a suit-head (from reading here for a while i see there there are lots of different types of constuction)or any other place they might be requried.
I'd be concerned that large horns would wobble.
Should i simply discuss this on an individual basis, and perhaps say large horns are only suitable for certain types of head?(any suggestion of what kind would really help)
Plus are there any really good method/tips for attatchment that anyone knows?
(i was thinking small holes around the base so they could be sewn into place,but no idea if this works)
Any help would be very much appreciated and thankyou for you time :D

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What's in your bucket?

Perhaps this will be useful to newer crafters who don't know what kind of equipment to buy, or experienced suit makers who might be interested in seeing all the quirky things in my tackle box. To make fursuits, you need materials, and some way of putting it all together, but have you ever considered how many other tools go into the production of a single suit?

I found this box at the American Science and Surplus store in Geneva, IL, and I've seen it in other stores from time to time. I think that while it's a little small, it has plenty of room for all your fursuiting equipment needs, at a fantastic price. It's called "Store-it-ALL (18x12 inches) Storage Case With Handle".

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What a mess!

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Almost everything on this list you can pick up at Walmart. Most major fabric/craft stores will carry a lot of these items as well. It feels so great to have it all right there whenever I need something, no need to second-guess, "do I have X?" And since I travel a lot, I can toss this in one of my many fursuit bins along with my machine and materials and I have an instant portable hobby.

What's in your box?
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I need to figure out how to do some airbrushing work. I think I'll just get white fur and use a huge "stencil" to do the spotting, because what I want is going to be hard to get any other way that I can think of. Problems, though.
Problem #1) I don't own an airbrush, nor do I know anyone who does. What's the cost on those things usually run?
Problem #2) I've never used an airbrush. How tough are they to handle?
Problem #3) This will be my first 'suit. I was going to start with my personal "fursona," but decided I wanted to do something a little less personal first. That didn't really work, since I'm doing a suit in honor of a dog that recently passed, but I'm fairly determined.

I don't have any pictures of her (the deceased dog), but I have a few references that show the colour her fur was.
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Couple of things today - about fur on ebay.

First! Does ANYONE know where I can get this fur:

It looks like the stuff that distinctive fabrics does, but it's the perfect colour for a suit I'm making and I can't find it anywhere! If anyone knows, or can get me some, PLEASE tell me! I'll pay or trade custom fursuit stuff for it.

Second! A couple of nice furs I found:

This looks wonderful and soft, brown and grey short pile with a nice sheen.

This one is plain weird o..0... But damn, I want it :P

Timber wolf - this looks nice and long, might be good for a bear

Looks promising, this one.

Anyway, hope those help someone :)