October 6th, 2006

Tauren Dance

fur help!

So, I'm working on my halloween costume, and sadly, I have recently found that nither our local joannes or our local walmart have any faux fur that even remotly resembles the color I would like to use.
I tired checking online, but the only ebay auctions were for like $20 a half yard, and online stores were $20+ for fur! Egads!

This is the head of the costume:
(tauren for the win!)

I'm just trying to make a partial...

This is the character its based on:

I'm just looking for some orange to brown fur that I could use.
I'd be happy to pay or trade (art, jewlery, firstborn child?, photography) if someone could help me out.
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Nose help?

Hi! I'm working on a fursuit head for halloween ^^ I need to get it done by next - to wear to my classes :D Since my place of forced education (lol) has no dress code, and it's a costume day- a student even came in as a gigantic piranha plant, once- it's perfectly fine for me to wear a fursuit there :)

The thing is, my character Sassy is a cartoony cacomistle with crazy markings- and I can't seem to get the rounded nose right. I'd like to make it out of sculpey, but it's proving impossible to get a nose of the right shape.

How do you get a very rounded sculpey nose without it being a thick wad of clay? Is there a better way to do this? I've tried rounding it around a plastic easter egg, but that didn't work so well.

Progress Pictures:
Pinning the Fur:
Nearly finished (Catlike nose that I originally gave the character = not working for me)

This is my third head :D And it's going with my first full suit... I can't wait to finish it x3
Comments? Suggestions? All feedback muchly appreciated.