October 8th, 2006


Hyena Ears


I just joined this community :D And was wondering how you'd recommend making a pair of simple, very basic Hyena ears? I have tried making fox ears in the past, but failed horribly. What would you all recommend? Preferrably really cheap to make. Something that can be tied on, or put on with a head band of some kind. MAYBE something that could be sewed to a baseball cap. This is for my boyfriend.. Kind of a birthday gift. hehe..

Thanks in advance!
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progress for meeee. i ordered my fur, which i first, luckily, got a sample of very quickly, and loved.
i THINK i finished my foaming process, but i'd like you guys to see, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know! ^ ^

one, long image:
and don't mind my foam head! i drew on it, and it's supposed to be Vash/Gaara xD (and it's a bit smaller than my head, so the mask fits me better :P)

and i'm still looking for these furs, as i posted before, but everyone seemed to be preoccupied with my icon xD (which is okay, don't think i'm scolding you guys, it was funny) "i need about a 1/2 yd of white shag fur, and a bit less of some medium pile pink, not too pale. if someone has a bit they can sell me fer cheap, pleaaase do. i am poor. :3"
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Cornwall 3

Cornwall's wings

I thought I'd put in a little information about the construction of Cornwall's wings. The wings are fixed to the back of the fursuit and are supported by a piece of rigid plastic pipe. There are 3 loops attached inside the back of the suit that hold the plastic pipe in place. Due to that the pipe is all in one piece, the zipper is positioned on the left side of the back. The pipe extends 2/3 the way through each wing. There's also two shoulder straps attached to the pipe to give more support for the wings. I've taken a picture of what the inside of the suit. There's not very much to see, but you can see the pipe in the back. You can also see where the zipper was located and where the zipper was reloacted to.

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Contrary to the belief that a plastic pipe was used for supporting the wings, this is not the case. As it turns out it's a metal pipe of some sort. It's very strong and supports my weight when I'm down on my back.

Boy I'm asking a lot of questions (this time some moving jaw stuff)

Ok, I've read Jax's moving jaw thingie, and that's what I'm basing my basic ideas around for my head. So I'm sitting here making a 'movable jaw ninjahood' type of fursuit head, and something dawns on me -- how the heck does the jaw work once it gets furred?

So, I have an engineering question when it comes to fursuits. Now, fake fur doesn't have a lot of give. Do I just not glue the fur down in the area where there is movement, or is it something more complex than that? Thanks again guys.

Follow-up on fabric giveaway

Hi again-

First off, sorry for not being for not having been more involved in this community, but I've barely even been able to keep up with the requests for free fabric on here let alone regularly post to this board.

I still haven't heard back from a good number of previous requests for fabric that I quoted shipping for so even if you don't plan on taking the giveaway you requested (and got a specific set of specifications for your order from me already), please follow up with me to let me know. That way I can free up the pieces that are left for the last of the pending fur requests.

For those who've not yet had a response from me yet, again my apologies for the delay. I picked one heck of a time to make this offer in the midst of a personal move, changes with the company and the start of our busiest season, ever.

For those who have already received their requests, I hope the remnants you've gotten have/will work out for whatever you do.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me.

Thanks and happpy full moon!
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"Swiper, no swiping!"

I've got some pictures of my latest full suit! This is Swiper the fox from as kid's cartoon called Dora the Explorer. His famous for snaking around trying to 'swipe' things, but before he gets the chance everyone notices him and yells out "Swiper no swiping!".

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Beetle Autumn

pine critter continued

The character sketch for my snowy forest critter mentioned here several days ago. It's pretty rough, since it's hard for me to transfer a 3d concept into 2d art, but gives the idea. I expect the finished product will look better regarding the musculature etc..

Mostly deer and pig, with a touch of sheep. I can't really decide between hooves and paws. Or maybe hooves and paws...
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It looks like it's wearing military camoflague but I suppose that makes sense since we're really going for the same effect.

Thoughts and/or ideas?

Suggestion and a question

Hi all. Finally picked up the fursuit challenge again and thought I would re-join some communities for ideas.

I'm working on a random costume for halloween. Its pretty budget as I'm just using material I have already but turning out pretty good so far. I do have a question about ears. I think my method of making ears might need a bit of explanation first though.

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I completed this suit back in June, but never had any photographs. Now I have some, courtesy of matrices from Fort Casey, Whidbey Island, WA. Rockin'. :D!

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The suit is unnamed. I think wicked_sairah and blueroo were calling me Pandaid or something. Heh.

I didn't really like how the head came out, and the suit is a bit too tight for me now that I gained all my weight back. I'm probably either going to sell it or give it to my little sister once I get a better suit. The head is a plastic mesh frame with a battery operated fan in the muzzle. It's my first sewing project, so that's why the zipper is kind of crappily visible. D:
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