October 9th, 2006


I'm in need of some ideas for details on my next suit. Its a polar bear & i have the head completed. thanks to the incredible detail done by midori8 it came out better than i expected it to & now to do any kind of justis to her work i want the body to have the same level of detail. BUT how do you add detail to an animal that is one solid color? well that's why im here asking. here's what i have to work with behind the cut:
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little tip on storing your suit

I have been using silica gel packs in the bin i store my suits in & they went the summer in the humid condition & being stored in the basement & are A-OK! I get my packs from my job when ever they get new computer equipment in they have these rather large packs in them. i found a place that you can pick them up rather cheep. http://www.silicagelpackets.com/10%20gram.htm I also toss in a few dryer sheets for the fragrance.
Happy suiting!

Storing your suit

I've got a suit now and there's the question of a means of storing the suit for transport.

I originally wanted to find a big enough duffel bag for storing and transporting my suit. One fur strongly advised me getting a Rubbermaid Action Packer. I was looking at the Action Packer container online and while it did look good for long-term storage, I'm not so sure it will work for carrying a suit around. I did not see any wheels on that thing and trying to carry a big plastic box like that when I go to a fursuiting event? You gotta be kidding me.

Any more recommendations out there? Can I get by with a duffel bag?
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well, i was going to make the White Rabbit for Halloween, but the eyes just aren't working for me. i can't get them even and i can't find a place to see out of. because rabbit eyes are on the sides of their heads, and since i used plastic half-domes, when you look at them head-on you can't see the color of the eyes. you only see right through them to the foam.

so i'm looking to make something new. i have 3 yards of plain white 1 inch fur and i'd like to hear your suggestions of what kind of costume i should make with it. if i don't use it, i'll probably end up selling it or recycling it for a striped hyena costume i've had in mind for a while. (i don't want to make this guy for halloween since i don't have enough money for the body suit i want to make with it.)

any suggestions are appreciated, though i'd rather make a critter that's an uncommon sight. (so, no wolves, no foxes and no tigers :P)
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