October 10th, 2006

Niiku - rave lights wooo lineart by Frea
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auughhhhh fur HELP!

ok so i've cut out the fur i need for my Niiku head, and i had to sacrifice the arms i had made to get all the fur i need ;~; so does anyone know where i can get this specific fur... it's a VERY short pile medium tan fur, almost a velboa. like... maybe 1-2cm pile. i got it at walmart a couple years back, and the one near me doesnt have it, but it has the same thing in WHITE so i have no doubt that they still make the color. here's a picture of me wearing the arms and legs: http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h226/niikupony/Poneh/NiikuSuitWTF.jpg

if anyone has like... a yard of it, i'll gladly pay for it. i just got a little money :3 i can only pay like.. $10 at max, or if you'd rather have some art ($35+ value) i can do that too. so yeah, PLEASE HELP ME ;~; or i'll be armless this halloween!

also... as i get ready to fur the head, i'm all nervous >.< it's a scary task. with fur this short, should i sew the seams and then glue it to the head? or just glue it? i have no clue, i'm leaning toward sewing the seams and then gluing.

I'll be Damned

Who knew there were so many fursuit LJ pages? ME = NOT and I make them!

Anyone want to see my work, www.lionofthesun.com My gallery is open to everyone
and please enjoy the videos


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Fur shopping insanity

So I'm poking around the various fur shops listed here, shopping for my next critter, and I found the right colours easily enough, but there's no telling what the fur is actually like from the little images on most shop pages. They have names like cubby, fox, short pile, but nothing to really define all those terms. It would be nice if they had pics of a hand in the fur to give a better sense of scale and quality. Is there a name to look for when hunting down a good short, thick fur or am I stuck buying swatch bundles from a variety of places?

Coyote head!

I just finished this guy, so I thought I'd share him. He's just a head, no suit to go with, and he came out really nicely, I think. Still needs just a tiny bit of tweaking, to fit, but the exterior is all finished.


Man, I haven't posted anything there in ages! I've got a ton of suits and things that you folks may not have seen on my page, if anybody wants to browse through.

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I hope this is the right place to put this but...
if y'all could reply to this post with a picture of your first suit as well as your most recent suit, that would make my day. I need some inspiration!
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