October 11th, 2006

Puppy dog

Suit virgin needs eye help!

Oy God I promised myself I wouldn't post this anywhere until I was done, but... LOL SNAG help. ALSO I'M SORRY I'M SO LONG WINDED, I'M A WRITER and I use too many words. :(

So, here's the story. Decided to try my hand at making a partial suit - arts and crafts runs in my blood, I figured HEY, IT CAN'T BE THAT HARD! And in all honesty, aside from my undying HATRED for upholstery foam (or any other breed of soft foam), it hasn't been awful.

THE VICTIM: Mojo, zombie voodoo kitty extraordinaire (excuse the cruddy drawing; I did it in ten minutes at work.) Again, I figure - it's a long-haired ZOMBIE CAT, he naturally looks raggy and screwed up, so if the suit turns out horrible? WHO'LL BE ABLE TO TELL!

THE PROGRESS: The head is foamed, still needs some touch-ups/additions and a bit of work in the sculpting department (camera really doesn't capture a lot of the sculpt work I already did. Mojo's head also has a FULLY FUNCTIONAL MOVING JAW! (Thank you Jax heartheart.) AND hey look, there's my real mouth - heck, I can knock back a cold one while wearing this! (I plan on putting some fabric back there to disguise my own mouth. Something breathable; me be asthmatic.) And again, this time excuse the yellowing on some of the foam - it's been sitting in the house for a year, and thar be smokers here.

THE PROBLEM: Eyes. I'm capable of doing follow-you eyes; I have a great set I built for the Warszawa suit (that I consequently got sick of attempting and commissioned out - a raptor head ain't something for a beginner to be trying.) BUT I don't want those here. I want your standard, run of the mill drawn-on "HEY, I CAN SEE THROUGH THESE!" eyes.

I can draw, I can paint, I can paste white funfoam around the whites of the eyes - the craftsmanship I can handle, BUT I CAN'T SEEM TO FIGURE OUT WHAT KIND OF MATERIAL TO USE! So - help li'l raptor out, because she's brainless. I want something that's going to LOOK good, as well as enable me to see where I'm going (suiting is going to be hard enough without my glasses on.) And preferably something I can buy at the local crafts stores - I have JoAnn's, Michael's, and AC Moore all within a close distance (as well as Pearl Paint and Riebe's, an independant art store.)

Name that material, and I'll run and pick some up tomorrow! (I want to try and finish this beast tomorrow so that I can move onto the tail, gloves, and feets.)

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