October 12th, 2006


New website

Gryphon Studios has changed its' business liscence title, and website to "Artslave Productions".
The new website is here: www.artslave.biz
Sorry for any inconvinience this may cause.

P.S: The next time someone opens a business, please check to ensure no one else has a similar title already. Changing tax liscences is a hassle. *Coughs at someone indiscreetly*

How Do You....

EDIT: Sorry guys, my wording was a little awkward, let me rephrase (and thank you to Fatkraken, he seemed to dechipher what I was trying to say the best!):

I have short pile fur, which is already on my fursuit head - but for future reference and for my own purposes on the head I have now - I was wondering how you sort of 'moulded' the fur around things like eyebrows and cheeks so they really stood out. I've tried cutting out a specific pattern for each foam part, cut out where I wanted the seams to go specifically, but it always seems to 'cover up' and not 'stand out' where I want it to.

The short pile I have now is rather cheap and has bad backing with big holes, so I see what the problem was with the hot glue messing up the right side of the fur when I tried to 'tack' it down to the places I wanted it to stay. I will continue on future projects with the 'knit back' fur Kraken spoke about, he one with give that allows for a small amount of stretch.

I was also wondering about how you fur a jaw. All attempts I've made have either erased my foamed head's cute smile entirely, or made 'mouth wrinkles' because I was trying to make it a moving jaw but needed excess fur for the jaw to open it seemed. Any suggestions on furring jaws specifically? I'd love a tutorial on how to do that itself, either I'm doing the steps wrong or I've sized things improperly, but I never knew how to smoothly attach headfur to jawfur and jawfur to neckfur without it looking like franken-suit.

Thanks everybody, I hope I cleared things up a bit XD; Sorry for my bizarre conglomerate-question before!

Please stay ON TOPIC - some posted deleted

Hello all 1200 + members of LJ Fursuit. There are a lot of new members here so I thought I would put a quick reminder from the Moderator of LJ FURSUIT that this community is to help people make fursuits. Questions on how to do things are GREAT and welcome, Tutorials are ALWAYS welcome with opened arms here!

It is not a place to ask about drawing Tablets, or sell your art (please post those on FURSUITLOUNGE!) or if you want to sell a suit, please post that in LJ FURSUITAUCTIONS or Fursuit_Trades.

Please help keep this community nice and neat, and on topic. It is appreciated by all! If you notice one of your posts gone, please do not take it personally. I try posting a warning that it belongs somewhere else before I delete it.

PS: I would make this a "backdated" post, but, its not allowing me to do that within a community.
Fav scene in the GN XD

Weee....my very first fursuit!! :3

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Okay, so after a bajillion hours working on him, and with the awesome help of rexaur and bluie2323, Bluetip, me, is finished!! This is my very first one and i'm very happy with the way he turned out, even though there was a bunch of trial and error but what can you do if it's your first try xD This is what i shall be wearing downtown on the 27th when me and rexaur go to see bluie2323! I'm also getting my eyebrow pierced so i'll be in the bloody chair in my fursuit while Bluie and Rexaur are taking piccies of me looking ridiculous xDDD

Bluetip with favorite stuffie, Raccoon Jared ^-^

Me am comfy in chair with Raine birdee :3

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Heehee! I finished the Paws, tail and head of my Sassy- suit, and wore it out and about today. I'm not satisfied with the head at all, though. The eyes I think also need to be redone, but I'm not sure as to how to go about making them look kind of spunky, but cute. Any help with that? I'm very much proud of the tail, though. Sorry for the poor quality of some of the images. My camera was being spazzy today.

The eyes, nose and teeth, as well as the tongue, are sort of temporary, 'cos I just shoved them in at 7:30 this morning.So I'd love to hear suggestions about what to do with them for touchups!

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Fur quality

Alrighty. For any fabric manufacturers out there, Please! Make a line of GOOD QUALITY short, dense, fluffy pile fur, maybe half an inch pile length, in a range of colours.

In other words, does anyone know of a place that does this? I mean, it should be a staple line at most fur retailers, but it doesn't seem to happen. I can find every colour of the rainbow in HORRIBLE quality, but I refuse to buy anything that's matted or feels yucky, or that you can see the backing of through the fur (unless it's a desirable effect).
CR's 'short pile' range is comparable in quality to the toy fur we have around here, IE the stuff I refuse to use. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm almost afraid to order anything from them again because I've heard of the drop in quality.

... Is it just me or is there an all-round drop in fur quality lately? Also, does anyone know a place that actually sells a good colour range in short pile furs? I'd REALLY love to know if they exist.

-a slightly miffed Falli