October 13th, 2006


New Suit!

So, here's the design of a suit I want to make, it's name is Marsupial X (On account of it not really being any real marsupial animal but a conglomerate of them) ^^

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Any color ideas? I'd like to stick to colors that are naturalistic but plain (and cheap!)

EDIT: YOU GUYS KICK ALL SORTS OF BUTT, THANK YOU SO, SO, SO MUCH!! :D Omg I have so many ideas, all of them are SO cool!!!
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Beetle Autumn

reticulated foam

Where can I buy reticulated foam? Does anyone here use it in their costumes for padding?

Reticulated foam looks to be the perfect substance for building padded bodysuits as the structure is more of a web rather than cells, allowing much better air flow. It is used in speakers, fish filters, and some folks use it to see through in their fursuit heads.

Unfortunatly, I have no idea where to shop for it. And I would need it in slabs or blocks of materials, rather than just thin strips.

Any ideas of what type of store would have this? Or of any good online sources?

EDIT: Here's the best picture of it I could find.

eye eye

Fur and crepe hair is ordered, foam is bought and ready but heres a question.

Can anyone give me any tips on painting glass eyes. I'd like to go as realistic as possible with this but any tips and tutorials would be great. Also eyelids. I've not completely thought that bit through.

thanks for reading!