October 15th, 2006


I know this is off topic...

But! We were mentioned in the distinctive fabric newsletter! It shows off their new fabrics and some cute costumes, and then at the end of the letter it says:

"If you have any doubts over which fabrics make the best costumes, don't hesitate to ask. You might also want to head over to the LiveJournal group "Fursuit" for more ideas and check out what some of our other customers have been up to - they're super creative and talented!

Check them out here:


Have a fun and safe Halloween!"

I thought it was pretty neat. :)
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Rainbow Fur?

Hello all to the Fursuit Community,
I know I've never posted before, but with such a big community, it's easier to lurk, since I haven't really ever been a full fursuiter before. I only now have a halfsuit. I come today with a question. Does anyone have any idea where to find Rainbow Fur? I just bought a pair of slippers that have the fur on it, and got some in a tail a while back (Thanks Rose!!!) but was curious where else I might perhaps find some? Would love to have some to work with for various things fursuit. Thanks for any info!!!

Fox Suit for my Mate's Birthday

Hi all. Wanted to post some pics of the newest suit I've finished, a little foxy I made for my mate Spike Foxx for his birthday. Spike has been nice enough to model a few of the newer suits, and after seeing him in them I mentioned I wanted to make him a suit of his character for FurFright, obviously he said yes to this idea. Pics are under the cut below, the story of the suit is below the cut, feel free to skip the story. Hope you enjoy, critiques always welcome.

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Now it just so happened that Spike's birthday was October 13th, so the timing really couldn't be better, I'd be making the suit for Spike to wear at Furfright and for his birthday. Now here's the problem, because Spike knew I was making the suit for him. He had seen the fur and of course I'd taken his measurments. Problem was now knowing his birthday was a few weeks away I wanted the suit to be his b-day present, and I wanted it to be a suprise. So how to do it? Well as fate would have it I got the flu two weeks ago, and with the many suits I've been working on for customers it wasn't hard to fake Spike out and convince him the suit would not be done in time.

So for two weeks I worked non-stop on Spike's fursuit, doing on average about eight to ten hours a night in addition to my 9-5 job. Suffice it to say I'm a tired tiger, but it was totally worth it. Spike loves his new suit, and it's gonna be so much fun dancin at FurFright with him.
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NY Elegant Fabrics?

NY Elegant Fabric[s] has a faux red fox that I've seen in pictures but never in person (since I'm, oh, about 1400 miles away from it)... before I go to the effort of getting a swatch, has anybody here seen it or, more to the point, touched it?
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Fur Sighting

I found this fur at Walmart, but didn't have any use for it right now, and thought others might. It's a white fur with black tips, and a long pile. It's about $13.50/yd. I didn't buy it then, but may still get it for use as a chest/belly color in case I ever find a good coyote fur for a full costume.

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Shipping crate

Question? I am looking for a decent sized shipping crate for my fursuit... preferably one that is secure and locks. One that can go on an airplane and fit in a 2 door car... back seat is fine but it needs to be able to fit. Anyone have any suggestions or information on where they have gotten theirs?