October 16th, 2006

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I already have a general idea of how to do casting and such, but where would I look to buy liquid latex? I don't want to order online (doubt it'd ship in enough time), so what kinds of stores would I look to? Plus, any tips on what NOT to do while working with latex would be nice. I'm making a prosthetic to wear on my face for our halloween parade at the end of the month. Silly band girl! Thanks in advance. :)
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More progress.


i still need a shaggy white fur, most importantly. only 1/2 a yard. enough for the underside of a husky-ish tail and inside ears. maybe even less than 1/2 a yard? plzcontactme. if juu are having some. i needs some pink, too... like, medium pile, or longer(i can shave it down) as for the amound of it, even less than i need of the white. ARG I CAN'T FINISH TEH HEAD WITHOUT EET.

anyways. progress pictures.


steps from foam to furred and shaved head... should i shave it down more?

comment and critiques appreciated!

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DragonWolf head!

And now.. head for Dragonwolf!

3D eyes, static jaw, and fur hair again.

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If anyone notices, these pics have a slightly different composition than usual.. nice and crisp, bright (maybe a TAD too bright), and evenly lit. Well I FINALLY got some studio lighting set up, so I can get a tad closer to professional quality pics. :D Wow, that stuff really makes a difference. Now I still need to teach myself a bit more about exposure time, aperture settings and exposure value on my camera..