October 17th, 2006


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Quick post, showing off a blue fox head... Well, based off a second life vatar of a fennec fox, so not exactly fox-like ^..^
Still, I think it's cute. Now, the oddest thing about this one is that the medium blue fur is actually real rabbit fur. It's not that I -wanted- to use real fur, it's just that it's damn near imposssible to find three shades of blue in faux fur o..0
The jaw moves and it's got a cute little tongue in :)

Anyway, couple of pics Collapse )

Also, apologies for the dodgy photos... I was really rushed taking them o..0

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Tool Dip for horns?

Hi, I'm making a minotaur head and was trying to decide how to go about making the horns.

It has large bull horns that are maybe about a foot long from base to tip. I've carved a set of horns from foam and cut a hanger to run through them with a twisty between them to form a base.

I was thinking about either paper-macheing or taping the horns so they're smooth then tool-dipping them. But I've never bought tool-dip or worked with it, I'm assuming that you literally dip your items into the dip then hang it to dry, possibly a few times for best results.

So I'm wondering, would I be able to do a set of bull horns with one can of tool-dip? And since they're about a foot long, should I just get a tall container to fill and dip them in or would I be able to paint it on?

Also, since it's a bull, I was thinking about using the dip on the nose as well and patting that on the nose and try to make it sort of blend into the fur. Any suggestions otherwise?
Beetle Autumn


I am contemplating making a bird partial. Be fun and interesting as the face and head structure is so different than a mammal's. And I'd like to make a set of wings.

So, what would you like to see? Birds of prey are all well and good, but there are so many other kinds of birds out there, many with more stiking markings and colours.

Right now I'm thinking of a Canada Goose, or a duck of some sort. Both have notable markings are would be fairly recognizable. A female mallard would be neat as it's a very classic duck phenotype.

A spoonbill or shoveler would also be fun, because of those silly beaks. But they might be harder to sell later.

Condor. Quail. Bobwhite. Swan. Heron. Sapsucker. Woodpecker. Killdeer.

.. there are just so many to choose from..

EDIT: I did some looking for intersting birds that 1) Are local (well, kinda..) 2) Don't look too much like another bird species and 3) Would not be an insanely difficult first project. 4 passed the cut:

Wood duck

Northern Cardinal

Eared Grebe

Yellow-headed Blackbird

No guarantees I'll not find something I like better later, but which of the 4 do you think would make the best costume partial?

EDIT: Found another...
cedar waxwing

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I'm looking for a certain type of fur. I need about a metre or so of fur that matches the MM rust fox fur in colour, at least a pretty good match, but is short pile. I know CR's do a cubby fur, but I don't have access to a credit card, and even if I did I can't use CR's anymore. Blah.

In short, if anyone's got -good quality- foxy short pile fur, I'm in the market :)


Heerrreee's Mojo.

Well, his head anyway. 98% finished.

My first attempt at an actual fursuit head.

I apologize for the poor photo quality; the lighting in here SUCKS really badly. Doesn't show off his adorable little snaggle tooth well at all :( And it made the colors look all icky; it looks a LOT better in reality.

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