October 19th, 2006



ok guys! a nice shiney new question!

How do you typically do the interior of a fursuits mouth? I was thinking of 'painting' mine with tool dip, if I can somehow get pink...If I can even find it to begin with! Ive checked Lowes and Home Depot, and they dont seem to have the stuff. :(

I was even thinking latex, but I want a high-gloss wet-looking sheen.

...I dont even know what questions to start asking when it comes to the tongue. help!

thanks guys! youre all always so wonderful!
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I'm curious on airbrushing techniques. I was thinking on eventually getting a set to do details on fursuits.

Now I'm curious, in regards to markings, do you start with just one solid base color? Example: You are doing a cougar head. The cougar is sandy brown and has white jowls and neck, and black face markings. Do you fur the head with just the sandy fur and paint the white and black on, or do you use sandy for the parts that need to be sandy, white where it needs to be white and add a small line of white airbrush to blend the two? It seems easier just to get one color of fur and paint on the white, but I'm not sure if this is how folks do it.

What kind of paint does it take and how long does it take to dry?

How hard is it to airbrush? I've never done it before. D:

How long do airbrushing effects last?

Where can I find a decent, but cheap airbrush that would fit my needs? I don't need anything too fancy.
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fun fur

Has anyone used fun fur to make a whole suit?
Is the result so crappy that I should stay away from it altogether, or does it work reasonably well?

I recently found out about a local video game costume contest. It's not really a convention, although similar. And now I really wanna go there in costume. I'd have to go as an actual character and I'm not the type to dress up as Rinoa or Storm, so I'm thinking of going as Red XIII. He's neat and popular.

Unfortunatly, no stores around here have any good fur in the correct colour, so what if I made the entire costume out of red fun fur? It'll still get the point across.. heck, it'll probably be cooler (everything is inside, I assume it'll get quite warm) than good quality fur. And I doubt I'd wear it more than once, unless I wanted to go cosplaying again sometime.

If nessesary, I could buy CR's orange seal. But that would involve a bit more time and expense (As I'd have to get swatches then buy the fur, wait for it to ship..), and I don't have alot of time to make this thing.

Additonally, I have to admit that using sub-standard fur will probably let me infiltrate the cosplayers a bit better... they'd be less likely to assume I'm a furry ;D
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glass eyes/size/best recommendation?

Hey everybody <^-^> ...I know I lurk alot, but I finally have a good question I think...when using glass/taxidermy supply eyes, what size do you generally order? My head won't be overly toony and large ...it's a balaclava style smaller scale head. Also, what company do you all recommend? (I've looked through the links on the info page and they seem very similar, so I guess it's down to best service and selection :) that's all for now...hopefully I will have a finished head to show off by Halloween (been wokring on it for quite a while now, I better be done by then ! hehe)

-Mud Paw
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So..I was just staring at my decapitated Zoid, Koenig, head I have and a wonderous idea hit me! A Zoid fursuit! It'd be pretty neat seeing one of them clunking around so now I am motivated and inspired! However, how to do it? I could make the head out of paper mache, and somehow work a moving jaw into it (maybe.) but the rest, will painted foam look good? I've never tried that for fun foam On things like white gloves for the hands? It would only be a partial. I have never heard anyone mention such a thing so, SUGGESTIONS WELCOME! If I get inspired enough, get enough help and info, I could possibly start Tuesday in Art Club.

Thanks once again,
~Skittle T. Furfag
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