October 20th, 2006

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Hey everyone!

Just curious, Building my parcial suit, (and sorta coming along nicely, Mesh head giving me some issues but i'm working on them, if i get too confused, i'll ask you guys!) In need of some blue fur, not much, like maybe 1/4 footwide and 1/4 long Can't seem to find any blue in my area, so wondering if anyone knew of how i could get some scraps of it? Or if anyone had any old scraps laying around?

Thanks you!

Making your own

Excuse me for a moment as I rant a little here about my personal story and making your own art.

First off I know a number of you have looked at my costumes and others here and wished, wanted and yearned to have something like it. This feeling I knew very very well till almost 2 years ago.

I want everyone here who is reading this to understand how much I had desired my own lion ... I suppose the best word was ..yearning. I had A want so deep that I looked everywhere and was stymied by huge costs of buying my "real" costume that I knew it was never going to happen. I would continue "just wishing"

Now one day a close friend, after several months looking for a realistic fox mask begged me to try an help him make one. Now I am an engineer, not an artist. Or so I thought at the time, I we went down to the thrift store. bought some stuffed animals and took the fur from that to make the mask. A week later I am holding the fox mask in my hands going

"where in the hell did YOU come from?!"

He was delighted and and I was shocked, the next mask I made was the lion for myself. After all the suffering , wishing and wanting * I * could have had it all the time. All I had to do was shrug and stop listening to the voices that seem to tell us all that we cannot do something.

You don't know what you can or cannot do till you do it. I now find myself envied and people wanting me to make them into their dream. Yes, I can do that for you. But have you tried doing it yourself? You might just shock the hell out of yourself.

Believe in yourself, stop listening to that voice of doubt for just a moment and you might just discover a miracle that will change you forever.

I want to see what some of you come up with, what supprises you might have in store. Don't ever look at fellow builders as competition. realize a comon goal of bringing beauty an wonder ot a world that is crying out for it. This world is crying out for beginnings.,

Good luck. even if you fail you know you tried, but think of how your world will change if you succeed.


Suiter in need of help

I am have bit of problems... up till now all the heads i have done had floppy hears and I didn't have any problem furing them...

But now, the head I am working on has upright ears and I am having a few problems...


that little area on the inside... I thing my fur may be to think or something... cause I am not getting it into that little crevice...

any suggestions...

other pictures of the current head i am working on

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Tape pattern question....

Ok, so I've foamed my fursuit head and covered it in a layer of tape to create a fur pattern with.....but Im not sure how to go about cutting it off. Not in the sense of how to simply get the tape off, but how should I cut the tape to create the best pattern? Im mostly concerned about the jaw area, especially the bend in the jaw. Im pretty lost on how to fur that area so the jaw still opens and closes without a huge wrinkle. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? Cutting out the pattern, and furring the jaw bend? If someone could draw a quicky diagram, Im sure it would help a lot of people besides just me as well :) Any help is appreciated!
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First fursuit head!

WOOT~! i finally finished my first fursuit head!

introducing, Niiku, minus glasses and eyebrow rings because i couldnt figure out how to do them right XD

EDIT: dont worry, this is just Niiku's way of giving you a thumbs-up! :D
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i am SO proud of myself, omg. it came out a lot better than i thought it would. i learned so much on the way, and i know there are mistakes. but now i know better for the next heads i'm going to be making! ^_^ yes, she has a nose, but the camera flash kinda washed out the color so badly that you can barely see the nostrils. but they're there! XD

what do you all think? ^^ keep in mind, this IS my first, so be kind. XD
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