October 22nd, 2006

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So, I'm a complete newbie to this fursuiting ideal, but I hope to dabble into it in the future. My question is, has anyone ever come across any brindle fur? I don't especially care what the quality is, but I would love to get my hands on some for future reference- whether for a suit, or not. Any help appreciated, I'm extremely new to this!

PS: I love seeing all your suits in progress, you guys rock.
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Hey, gang!

My RedXIII and White Rabbit suits are both well under way. Both of these suits are going to have digitigrade legs and I was wondering what you'd all recommend as a base for building digitigrade legs off of. A lycra suit, though perfect for my needs, is out of my financial range. I'm looking for something sturdy and reliable yet relatively inexpensive. Perhaps something I could pick up at Wal*Mart.

Any and all ideas are appreciated!
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