October 23rd, 2006

Ichi :P

Ichi - Update

So I've finally gotten back to work on Ichi, and right now I'm not to happy with how she's turning out. It may be because it's 12:30 at night but yaknow it's the time I've gotten the most work done.

Now with new pictures!!!

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This is gonna be my Halloween costume for this year. :) I'm having a lot of fun making her. It's also qutie interesting, having such limited materials (I'm in college with no reliable transportation).
Most of the fur used is remnants from Distinctive Fabrics, except the longer white on the back of the head.

The mask is more or less complete, just needs a neck. She'll also have some long handpaws and a tail tipped in the awesome tinsel purple. She'll be for sale after Halloween, I'll post about it in fursuitauctions.

I kind of like her eyes... depending on the angle, she can look feral or gentle.
A week and a day till Halloween you guys! ;) Keep at it!

hay help.....

hey I am wanting to make a hat of a cute neopet and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a part of it?

I have the fleece but I need to know how to do the ears and the horn things whatever you want to call them so if anyone can help that would be great. thanks.
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Opinions needed

When doing 3D eyes, do you guys include sun spots?

I was thinking about not adding them so that they wouldn't contradict with the "direction" they eyes were looking at any given time.
I will definalty be shading them lighter at the bottom and darker at the edges/top.



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