October 24th, 2006


Irish Animals?

Well, I'm trying to put together my skunk suit and have it ready soon. But, I need many projects going on at the same time or I get bored with just the one. So, I decided I wanted to create an extremely Irish fursuit. It would probably be a partial, or a little more (legs included), and I'd wear it with my Uncle's band shirt. I'm mostly Irish, so it's something I'd really enjoy making.

What animal would you consider to be incredibly Irish?

Any animals/breeds would make nice suggestions. Doesn't have to be strictly Canine or Vulpine or anything like that. I'm open to interesting challenges.

I'm also contain Pennsylvania Dutch, German, and Blackfoot Indian blood. All those suits may be interesting to make as well. *scratches chin*

Thanks, I'm having a bit of difficulty here!

Small Plastic Noses

Before I attempt to begin a fursuit, I want to "test" my abilities first by makeing a plushie. Does anyone know where I can get a couple of small canine "noses" to use on it?

Also, whats the best way to sew on or attach claws?

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Heya guys,

This post isn't about building a suit or anything of that nature, but the actual act of suiting in public.

I want to suit at a local mall hopefully tomorrow, and I'm wondering what would be the best way to go about it. I believe it would be best to call the mall and explain to them what I'm doing, etc, but I do not want to go through that awkward moment of 'wtf' with them, and having to FULLY explain myself. However, I am unsure how mall security and management will handle a surprise 'furry' walking around the mall.

Any advice?
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Furring the bottom jaw...

Ok...so Ive got all my ductape pattern pieces cut off of my suit head, and Im going to fur the bottom jaw first, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to fur it without creating horrible wrinkles, or very visible darts. Where do you guys place darts on the bottom jaw? I can only think of the chin area to put them, but then they're very visible. Am I completely missing some obvious solution to this XD ? Any help would be appreciated! A visible reference would be especially nice :D Oh, and the suit is a canine so you can get an idea of the jaw shape :)