October 25th, 2006

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Retractable claws?

Anyone here know red panda anatomy? I've seen pics of their feet which look as if they can both fully-extend and semi-retract their claws (see in my comments), but I'm wondering if the pics were simply photos of both trimmed and untrimmed claws (since all the red panda images I can find are zoo photos, and I guess they probably do trim their claws at zoos). If the claws are retractable, this leads to my next question...how does one make retractable fursuit claws on-demand? Lightweight springs attached to push-down fingertip levers/buttons? Elastic, pull-back bands attached to every finger? Or something else? And for toes, which don't have the dexterity of fingers?? Anyways, just a thought... :)


Re-edit: Ok, I've been told that they CAN semi-retract their claws, but I don't think I'll bother with moveable claws for this suit after all. I'll go ahead and leave this post up, however, since some good how-to advice was given. :)
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My first time Please help

Hokay..So I NEVER post here because I normally post in my gallery journals. However I believe I'm going to join the LJ fursuit community. I'm going to try my hand at making at least a head of my raptor character.

She has feathers NOT fur. I'm going to use a longer fur, cut to the size i need and either hairspray of smeer elmers white glue to get the "feather spikes" at the end of her head and the mane.

So Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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eyes flaking

Hi guys, I was just wondering how you all kept the paint on bowl eyes from flaking? I have tried coating them with clear nail polish, but the acrilyc paint still comes off. Is there some obvious remedy I am missing? I am working on a lion and I have so far gone thru 5 sets of eyes. I cant get then to not flake. Any suggestions? Pics will come later when lion is done.....
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also known as Bad Idea #235: Making a suit designed off of a naga. I wanted to use the same basic design of my Taren dragon body suit, but with a long snugglytail at the end.

Click to see construction gallery

I thought running around AC with three legs was tough- imagine having none! Haha. Trying to set up the camera and then slither across the room to get in the picture was LOADS of fun last night! (sarcasm) I think this will have to be confined to being another set of pajamas for me, as it has no real functionality other than for chillin' in bed. (Also, I am selling this, check fursuitauctions soon for details, no pun intended)

But this has given me a bit more experience at making pajama suits and working with scaled bellies. I don't suppose there's any demand for just fleece body suits?

Also, other than the rifts between the different segments of the suit (torso, legs, stuffed section: see gallery), how do the belly scales look?

I have another real fursuit in the works, just a little shy on materials right now.
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whats orange and poofy?,help! D:

well,i finally completed the head for my fursuit cosplay,but i have some problems that i need some help with. (inspired to try to make kyuubi naruto by neogreens awsome suit ;p)

so the fur is very long and poofy,its looks okay when i spend 10 mins brushing it.
but as soon as i put it on its a mess agin >_>;.is there anyway to stop this? i was thinking hair jell or some sort of hair product thing? any ideas?
the other option is to trim the fur,but as i've already put the fur on i'm thinking this will be almost impossible and proberly not look good. 

and also do the eyes look okay? o_0; i don't know why but they look odd to me,i'm reluctant to stick them on at all >>.they havn't got slitted pupils yet though¬_¬'

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Fursuit Head
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Digitigrade Hooves

After much work and testing, I now have workable digitigrade hooves I can walk in.

Essentially it's a wooden hoof with a 2x4 and shoe bolted onto it at a 40 degree angle, and with bungee cords joining the 2x4 to my lower thigh. It works REALLY well -- ignoring some tension padding issues for the bungee cords and said lower thigh -- and is VERY easy to walk in.

For a far more detailed discussion go to http://www.transform.to/~mwbard/stuff/thehorsetailor/indexhoofstilts.htm

Comments are invited.

And yes, it still needs to be covered up with proper legs -- for now long wide pants, eventually realistic fur.

NOTE: This designed is inspired and heavily influenced by those hoofers who have gone before me.

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Good evening, everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I gotta say, seeing everyone's work and fantastic tutorials have given me the fursuiting bug, but right now I neither have the time nor the materials to even begin practicing. But what I -can- do is draw!

Ever since I saw these buggers known as Shoebills, I've fallen in love with their evil and the 'so ugly, it's cute' vibe.


So I whipped up a quick doodle of a generic anthro shoebill, and I got to ask, is it doable? Should I wait until I have a few years' practice under my belt? Or should I just commission one?

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Any and all hints are welcome! I jot down interesting notes as I see them posted here, keep up the great work everyone!