October 26th, 2006

Tauren Dance


AT LAST I'm done with my costume.

I've learned a few things from this:

*Fursuiting is NOT easy.

*I never want to see fake fur again.

*Hi-temp glueguns are the devil.

*Five-foot-six, 145lb girls should not try to be 8-foot-tall-400-pound monsters.

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That being said...this beasty was put together with no patterns, mostly glue...the only places that have any sewing are the pants and tail. The body suit is huge, and I should never wear with without the head, because its frighting.

Most frequently asked question: What am I going to do with this beast after halloween?

i have no clue. I might mount the head on a peice of wood like a deer trophy, or I might just auction the damn thing off and buy reptile racks. We'll see.

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The last piece to my latest costume, and my first time playing with casting latex - horns! While the mold is far from perfect, I think these turned out well for my first try at latex prosthetics. The picture behind the cut has a finished, painted horn and a freshly cast horn (set, but not fully cured). Both have since been painted and attached to barette things as a means of holding them in place on my head. The fun part is that these would work fine in other applications as well - the usual spirit-gum-on-skin, and would probably work if used as part of a fursuit too.

I've been wanting to do something with latex bits for ages - it's good to finally get to do it. I fully intend to do more stuff :) These are about 3" long, by the way.

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What to do with loose fur?

So here's an odd question.

After completing Mojo's head, feet, paws and tail with that lonnnnggg, ratty grey fur, I've come across an odd connundrum. From "shaving" (i.e. trimming poorly with a pair of scissors), combing, and botching some of my first cuts, I now have this decently sized ball of loose fur sitting next to me. No backing, nothing, just... fur. Lots and lots of fluff, fuzz, fur.

Is there anything that can BE DONE with this stuff? Like, is there any applicable reason what so ever that I should hang onto it, or should I just throw it out? (I'm thinking things like maybe flocking any exposed seams, patching up pieces, etc.)

Like I said, an oddball question, but I figured I'd toss it out there.
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Denali Alteration Complete

chapeljax made me this supremely beautiful head. I am so, so pleased with the look (exactly like the concept art). I needed a wider range of vision if I were to wear this costume without needing a very attentive handler. (which I wont have on Halloween day). I needed to be able to see through the whites of the eyes as well (I'm a small gal!). It pained me to alter such an awesome piece of work, but necessity drove me on. I don't like the look of plain buckram eyes, so I opted for a 3D look. I am super pleased with the results!

I couldn't resist taking a shot of it on (despite the fact that my young male cahracter looks quite cute and female with my lacy shirt. *facepalm*) I'm sure the gender issue will be resolved when I make the padded pody suit.
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I just want to send another huge thank you to chapeljax for making me such a high quality and beautiful head. <3 I am so excited to be wearing him (as a partial) on Halloween.


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Dirty Thoughts

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What do most of you set your tread tension to when sewing fur? I'm having a hell of a time and I'm not sure if it is just the tension or if my machine has sat for too long in too cold of a location.
corn snake

Here's Jixser

well, 98-99%% done, but i was getting impatient and had to post pictures! She's my first attempt at a firsuit, and my second attempt at making a head. Head is balaclava base and has a moving jaw (that works wonderfully). Eyes are follow me, allthough they cannot be seen well at all. The lighting in the picture is poor because my bf camera man refused to use the flash (just means i have to go to a photographer). It has a zipper in the front that's "hidden" but the bottom part of the zipper accidently popped out in one shot. Still need to finish the hemming the feet and trim the excess seam off of the snood that is exposed in one pictures. Other than that she's finished.

fursuit (by Scribblefox)
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Looking for a specific material...

Does anyone know who made this gryphon suit named "Humboldt"?


I'm specifically looking for the type of material used on the gloves (and beak), as that is the perfect color, texture and pattern needed for my hubby's gloves (which will be webbed, like mine: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/25585484/ ). Or if anyone recognizes the type of material used, please let me know, and thanks for any help! :)


Edit: Query resolved--thanks guys! :)
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