October 27th, 2006

Duke done!

Hi everyone. Many have been informed that i was working on Duke_Otterland's commission. Well here it is! The handpaws are still being made, its being shipped out tomorrow or monday, one or the other.(and yes I'm putting insurance on it). Here's Duke!


(progress photo) http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/pics025.jpg

This was Shaggy Griffon Studio's first commission, and i am now open, email me for price quotes if your interested!(i can get suits done in time for christmas) Dukewolf40@yahoo.com

thanks, now my Drake dragon form suit to complete for halloween!

~The Shaggy Griffon
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On bodysuits -

Hey y'all!

I've got a quick question:
Have any of you worn suits that are constructed with foam padding and fur glued directly onto a bodysuit? (The way Brokken T Wolf does it. - Like Clyde for instance.)

I'm just wondering how flexible/mobile it is. I would think that having fur that doesn't stretch glued on in such a way as to be close fitting instead of baggy would make movement a bit stiff, though i guess maybe it wouldn't be much different than wearing tight jeans?


I might be starting an actual fursuit project, and if/when i do, i'll be sure to post more (and i'm certain i'll probably come back seeking further advice! :P)

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Hello y’alls !

Just wanted to let you know of a new group that fallimar
has started up - all for the people INSIDE THE SUIT ! In fact, that's what it's called ! Be great to see you there - maybe if you're doing anything over halloween to see what you've been up to too !

Inside The Suit

Best wishes

Simon / Pup