October 28th, 2006

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New member, first fursuit

This is from scratch, and in pieces so a single gal can put it on and stuff. No hood, since the costume had to be designed to play clarinet in (which I wound up NOT doing, ah, well). This is the last little WIP - only a few details missing, like foot-claws...

Oh, and it's a gryphon fursuit. *winks*

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Concealing Who's Inside...?

Hello, there. I have a bit of a question.

I have a pirate maned wolf fursuit I made(no pics up yet, sorry ^^;). I plan on wearing him tomorrow to my local church's halloween thingy. He's a full suit, with a moving jaw. However, this presents a bit of a problem: every time I open my mouth, one can see the girl inside the costume through the mouth. Now, normally I'd throw on a balaclava and call that that -- but, the thing is, the mask also uses my natural hair. So, I can't really strap my hair down without the mask looking really weird and, frankly, wrong. I thought about facepainting my chin balck, but that would smear on the inside of the head...


How can I hide my chin/ face in general, without covering the rest of my head as well, and how can I do so rather quickly?
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First Fursuit attempt.....

Hey there!! First time posting here and hoping to get some helpful advice and tips on making fursuits. I'm actually attempting to make my First suit now. I'm starting the head first before everything else. I went with the Mesh head style with Movable jaw. I have made Horns, claws, nose, and mouth out of Sculpey 3 clay. I still need to get the Foam. Give me a break on that part, becaue I just got a new job and it's going to be alittle while before I get my first paycheck. I plan on using Long Pile Plush fur which I must purchase online because no stores around me have the style of fur. Colors are going to be Orange, Black , and abit of Lime Green. I've provided the Reference sheet of what the character I'm making as a fursuit. Antoher thing I would like information on is getting LED lights in the hand claws to have them light up green. If anyone can help me with that, I'd greatly appreciate it. ^_^ Thanks.

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White Vixen Head and Tail Finished and up for sale!

I finished my Halloween costume for this year a few days ago.

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I wore her to the Sequential Halloween Party/Costume Contest at my school last night. Didn't win anything, but I had fun. I made up a name and a personality for her in literally five minutes... I realized I had to have some kind of story for her when I watched the other contest entrants present their comics.
So I named her "Vivi, the vixen with ATTITUDE", hehe.

Anyways, now that I don't need her anymore, I've listed her up on Furbid... come take a look if you like. :)
The paws aren't included on the auction, because they were quickie paws and it shows.

Suiting tips?

Hey everyone, first-time poster, finishing up my first attempt at a partial fursuit (head, paw-hands and tail, pictures once it's finished!) and I wanted to get a few tips on fursuiting itself?

I'll be wearing it to school on Monday and Tuesday (I know Tuesday is Halloween but I see most of my friends on Monday). I go to college so I have plenty of freedom to get outside or walk around between classes, so no crowded high school hallways or anything. I'm also being careful to make sure I can see out of my mask when it's on.

Other than that, can you offer any tips for when I'm wearing my costume? I've never worn a fursuit before, though this is approximately my fourth attempt at making a head (first one I'm really completing I think). Is there anything I should be aware of before heading out in public as a furry?

...and any words of encouragement? Don't get me wrong I think it's going to be a blast, but I confess to a few minor self-esteem issues about walking around in a furry animal costume, being new to the trade and all. At least I can tell myself nobody will see me blush if I get jeered at because of the mask, right?

Thanks! I adore browsing this community, it's so inspiring! I'll be sure to start being active now that I've posted once! :)
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Can someone shoot me some good links for Bal-Tog's full body undersuits and balacava stuff that you reccomend? Im wanting to save up to get some to wear under my suit someday but I want to see if theres any other good deals out there asides the ones ive found round 80 dollars for a full hood/body Baltog. If this is innapropriate for here let me know.
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