October 29th, 2006

Jax - Snarlyspikey by Seely!

Flaming Chicken.

The guy modelling it is a 6' 3" thin guy, and his arms/legs are a little long for it, so it would fit a slender 5'0"-5'7" person well. Also comes with feet, but his hugefeet were too big for it. Size nine-ish slippers. Will fit a 28" chest, 27" waist, and 32" hips. I'm currently taking offers on him if anyone wants him, as he wasn't exactly what the commissioner wa after, and I have no use for him.
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Just randomly thinking...

Do you guys line your heads and/or bodysuits? Or is it just foam/mesh of heads straight touching the skin (I'm automatically assuming that using a balacalva counts as a lining itself) and fur-backing straight onto... er... fursuit underwear for suits without padded bodies?

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Four new suits. I've been busy. I'll post them as I get pictures of them.

#1: This one's that dragonwolfe/weasel thingie head I did a while back, and here's his full bodysuit. Have fun.

The scales are army('nam edition!) camping mats. They're uber durable, painted with latex, latex paint and heavy varnish coats. They were supposed to be redder, but I had to finish them at the con; so I think they came out well. The feet are detachable from the knee down, and he was wearing them all con. The claws on the feet are latex-foam, and yea. I can't think of anything else to say.
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New Member


I am new to this group and I responded to others' postings before making an introductory one for myself. So, I'll try to make it quick and simple and then get back to pestering you with questions on your own postings.

I have not made a fursuit with a head yet. I have worked with faux fur before Collapse ) Not well, but it's been done. I have some basic sewing skills and have made clothing and costumes before, so my questions will be more suit specific then just sewing. I was directed to this group after asking about fursuits in nyfurries. I've been reading this group for only three days and it has really sparked things in my mind and is making me want to do things, which is awesome in more ways then I care to go into right now. I do have a fursona, but she will not be my first suit. Instead I want to make a blue griffon demi-suit. It was a bit longer then I though it was going to be... Hope it makes for a good introduction. I would like to say Thank You in advance for all pearls of wisdom and for not throttling me with my barrage of questions
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Black Fox Fur

I'm looking for Monterey Mills black fox fur. The best price I've found is at CRs Crafts, but is it MM Fox or something else? Is there a better place to get it?

Thank you!

some tips?

so anyways guys :3 im like 95% done with my lemuh partial, no nose or claws yet.


i adore my eyes, but i cant see a thing out of them...Im wearing this suit into NYC for the parade too D:

Ill have like 3 or 4 friends spotting, but I'd still like some better vision, without sacrificing my eyes too much.

anything else I should fix up?
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What to do, what to do...

After completing my first fursuit, I can definitely say that I'm hooked! A while back I got my hands an a few yards of some short-pile dark brown fur. It's a little bit like wool in the texture - very soft, too. Avast, I have no idea what type of animal I could make with it. Anyone have any ideas?

I think I have enough yards for a full suit with this fur alone, but if I should need any other colors, I could probably obtain them somehow. I'm planning on using a balaclava and foam technique with the head, too.