October 30th, 2006

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Anyone have anyknow when I can get fur that's put together similarly to CRS Craft's cubby furs, with the major color being one color with the occasional few hairs of slightly different color here and there and the tips colored? I love the look of it and while I would like to buy the golden heather and tan from CRS, I'm also looking for a light cream color as well as a grey color. I already checked out Distinctive Fabrics and they seem to only have solid color fur.

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Moo, thought I might post some mammoth progress pictures since I'm almost done with it :)
In these, the head's a skeleton only, it's looking amazing now it's half furred :D

Anyway! Piccies Collapse )

The body is built around me, so it's nice and big. I'm going to be selling it with padding though, sized to fit the buyer ^..^

A Quick Apology

I just wanted to enter a quick apology for accidently spamming the group earlier this evening. I was updating my LJ earlier this evening making two posts, one to Fursuit with pics of my new 'roo suit, the other to my personal LJ and accidently posted my personal LJ post to the Fursuit Group. Still no clue what happened to the post with pictures of the 'roo suit I just finished. Many apologies for spamming the group, it was a complete accident, and won't happen again.
hauntedhomo, mat

Second head, first full suit.

Wow, fursuiting is fun. I went to Tate's Halloween sale(an awesome comic shop down here) and these little girls loved me and said i was cute, and got pictures taken of me and i was dancinngg. those little girls were just the best though, they were all making friends with me and then when i took my suit off they were like "where'd the doggy go?" an everyone was like "ohh.... she had to go home" an i felt bad cuz i wanted to play with them more but the store was closing soon x.x

Next step- MAKE A BADGE! no one knew my name, and everyone thought i was a boy. So I must make up a badge fer myself xP

so yeah.

lol. anyways. PICTURS. of Mat! my first suit, my fursona, YAY!


some more pictures here:

tell me whatcha think!
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