October 31st, 2006

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I just finished enough pieces to wear Denali as a partial tomorrow for Halloween. I'm super excited.

These are my first ever feet. They are my "Con Feet", as they are made with a zipper in back. I'm glad I did them, and I know what I want to improve for next time. They are fitted such that they slide on top of a pair of Converse shoes. That way I can make several sets of paws, and use only one comfortable base without having to give up the shoes for everyday wear either.

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I cast the claws out of resin, and the paw pads on the hands are stuffed PVC. They look a little wonkey in that shot. The palm pads are fairly symmetrical in real life. Foot paws include back zipper, cast resin claws, and a double layer of leather on the bottom (top layer cut out to show black "paw pad" layer).

Thanks for looking!


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Fox suit progress, tail design

Here's a generic update on my latest project, a fox suit. No name, and I don't plan on giving it one since I plan to sell it when it's done. It'll be like a practice run into suit commissions.

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And something else I'd like to share: how I made the tail for this. If you notice, the tail turns around 180 degrees, and the fur grain follows it. Here's how I did it:
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The gray and red are 'working' lines. Then the green is the final product. The yellow lines show where I cut. These cuts let me re-orient the fur, and section 3 is the white tip. After I put it together, it looks like the fur actually follows the curve of the tail. The number of cuts you make is arbitrary, and usually fewer is better mainly for logistical purposes.

The tail is held up in this suit by an internal belt attachment, and it's absolutely fantastic. I got to wear it around tonight; technically it IS Halloween already. This suit probably won't be done by MFF, but definitely shortly after. What do you think so far? *grin*
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kyuubi naruto photos!

here are the pictures from my kyuubi naruto at the convention i went to :D.
it went alot better than expected!,alot of people knew what i was and asked lots of questions and took photos.i wasn't expecting as any as was taken though 0_o;.
i didn't get a chance to make the paws or extra tails,i did try to change the eyes but as i was trimming them the paint came off >_<; so i left them until i have time to make new ones! 
i did alos take a bottle of hair spray and try to tame the floof,but the bottle broke and leaked everywhere,so i only got to but it on at the begining of the day ¬_¬;.
i wish i had found out model magic wasn't every good before i used it for the teeth! they fell out and broke! ;_;.
overall though it was lots of fun and i'll definatly be making something also these lines for the next con in may :).

anyway enough of my rambiling off to the photos! 
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and another kakashi one can you tell i like kkashi >_<;

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