November 1st, 2006

Hand Claws....

I made claws out of Sculpey 3 clay and I made them abit too big. I'm not liking the weight of them either. So, when it comes to the time, when I make the Hand and Feet Paws, which is the best way to go for claws?? I am also adding green LED lights to the hand paws. That part I'm not worried about because my lil bro is going to help me with the Fan and lighting features for the suit. Only thing that is bugging me is the claws. I don't want them too long and I don't want them too short. Any suggestions??

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tail tip query

I'm currently watching 'Miami Ink' and working on the bodysuit for my Red XIII costume :P And I hit a snag.

Red has a lion's tail with a very flame-like tail tip and I do not have a suitable fur lying around ATM. However, I found a decent yarn-type material that looks much like the stuff folks use to make fluffy wigs.

My question is, how to incorporate this into the tail so that it doesn't simply look tacked on or out of place (mainly regarding the transition from tail to tail tip). And how do I attach it, for that matter, since it's long strands not attached to a sewable backing, and I'd rather not have seams visible on the tail anyways.

Could I hair-punch it? Maybe make the whole tail first and then glue the tip in last?

Anyone done this before and have tips for me?
Beetle Autumn

Human Quality Fake Hair

Another question regarding Red :)

Since I've already decided to do this costume as a somewhat stylized skin tight in the cosplay fashion, I am thinking of using my actual hair for his, by making the head an open top. My hair is already red and spiky so it fits the idea well. Thing is, Red also has a bit of a mane going down the back of his neck.. and I'm not willing to cut off the back of my mullet to obtain hair for the cause :P

My question is, where could I buy simple wigs or bundles of hair that look exactly like human hair? They have those little synthetic hair samples in the store beside the boxes of hair dye and they must come from somewhere... and can synthetic hair be dyed similar to natural hair? If not, is there any way to buy natural hair so I can dye it myself?

Other possibility is that I know where I can buy horse hair locally. Any idea if I could dye that like human hair?

I do own some synthetic hair, but it's that thin, icky, fly-away stuff that is totally useless for anything.

EDIT: Thanks for all the info! I'll look locally and on the internet for those brands of hair.
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Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween my boyfriend and I hatched a crazy plan to secretly (from all of our friends) make fursuit costumes. Less than a month to do it, with no real concept of how long it took to make a partial suit, I ended up finishing them today - just before we were supposed to be wearing them.

This is my first ever attempt at building a fursuit (although I have some sewing experience in general, and I've been doing repairs for his suits whenever something goes wrong with them.) Not quite the effect that I wanted out of them, but really I'm satisfied for a first shot at it. I've got ideas how to improve things for next time, and I have enough materials (and time now, hah!) to make these into full suits.

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Dax and Ichi

Hey! I've been silent on this community for far too long. I go by Dax, and Ichi (my girlfriend) and I finished our first suits just in time for Halloween. (By the way, I think we should officially rename Halloween to "Socially Acceptable Fursuiting Day". Or something.) We don't even have really good indoor pics, but with the help of escort/photographer Procyon, we ran around UC Berkeley for a bit. It was all really surreal—I didn't think we'd ever finish the suits!—but the crowds were great, the weather was wonderful, and we had a blast.

Teaser by the Campanile

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Ichi's a partial (head and handpaws, footpaws to follow) and Dax is a fullsuit. We don't really believe in doing anything by halves: They both have follow-me eyes, taxidermy noses, and Sculpey teeth, and Dax also has foam digitigrade legs. There's already a lot to be fixed, but with two months before FC, I think we'll have plenty of time.

To give credit where credit is due, we relied a lot on Adam Riggs's Critter Costuming, as well as Brokken's tutorial and Matrices's tutorials. Many thanks to all of them, and hope the resources help you as much as they helped us!

Any suggestions about what to fix, or how they turned out? I'm always a fan of good criticism. Once I get a few initial things fixed up, and get some better pictures, I'll probably post once more.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!