November 2nd, 2006

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What do you have...

Under -YOUR- fursuit? At AC '06, I simply had my bra and panties and was finding fur in certain areas for weeks XD Not to mention it was a little hard to get on/off.

So - what do you reccomend wearing under your suit? I think my friend, Unika/Mrianti, reccomended a scuba suit.. I want something that'll help absorb any sweat and help keep me cool, y'know? Or atleast the sweat part and keeping the fur off of ME. XD

If a scuba suit is the way to go - how about these? I don't to spend very much, because I really don't have too much to spend.. XD But out'v those it seemed like the $78 one was better because it mentioned 'fast drying' and 'odor resistant' ... And should I go with something for my face/head, too?

Opinions please! :0 Thanks much! ^^


I've finished my punk werewolf suit:

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Won first place in the costume contest at my school. People can't believe I made it myself. My website's down, so this is the only photograph I can afford at present.

Whatcha think?
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New fursuit!

I practically made most of this suit, my girlfriend carved almost all of the head, did the arms, did a lot of the furring on the head, and furred the tail. But, I did a lot of it, so you can consider it my "third" partial. My second is not going to be shown...yet. I really hate the eyes, so I'm going to fix those and then I'll upload it.


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Interesting trend...

It seems like 90+% of the costumes being made recently all have some kind of unnatural-color highlights, usually in the face. Like neon reds, purples, blues, greens, oranges, etc.

What's the idea behind this? It's a definite and growing trend, as far as I can tell.

Just curious.

New here and a question

Hi everyone. I've just recently gotten into the idea of making a suit of some kind and a friend directed me here. I've got a couple ideas for a less "traditional" type of mascot like suit, but I'm not sure if they'll all work out well. So I thought I'd run them past people here to see what everyone else thinks.

I want to make a form fitting body suit, but I also like the look of digitigrade legs. I was tossing some ideas around in my head and came up with a crazy idea. What if I took something like these shoes here: and furred the toes (and the platform under my real toes) and the foot, but left the spiky heel unfurred. Would that give the illusion of an animal walking on it's toes, or would it just look silly? Would these shoes look better: since I wouldn't have two inches of extra fur added to my toes?

A couple things- I'm making a feline foot, so I really want to make something that would let my walk on my toes. So far, I've only seen shoes with hooves on the end or people just using foam to look digitigrade.
I've also had a lot of experience walking and even dancing on really high heels like these, so balance isn't much of an issue. And the suit design I have in mind uses my own eyes, so visibility shouldn't be too bad.

Would this work at all, or will it just end up looking goofy? What do you guys think?
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Kirin and a White lion

hey all!

been a LOOOOONNNNNNG time since i posted in here. i just finished a recent suit for Furfright. which happens to be a Kirin =3. i love how the hooves and the digitgraded legs came out but i couldn't really find a good picture of them, considering i spent so long on them. it was skin tight to my body, alittle to tight. so i am thinking of selling him.

i also thought i would post my white lion, i don't think i ever made an offical post about it. i wore him at AC this year and sold him soon after. i think my favorite part was the tattoo. pain in the ass to sew but i liked the out come =3.

i just made a collage of pictures and stuck it all together.

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I've started making a plastic mesh frame for my head and now my brain has gone "meh" and can't figure out how to go about carrying on from where I am. so far I have a kind of skull cap kind of thing....and thats it XD

I'd just like to ask if anyone can post pictures of their plastic mesh frames please, so I can jump start my head into remembering how to go about it.


Also I'd like to say OMG the fur I received from CR's is fantastic, thanks everyone for helping me make the right decision on that one. I think the shipping was pretty okay too, I live in the UK and it took dead on 2 weeks. I got a cubby fur as well and its not quite what I was expecting but the quality is high (i'm just a little put off by the little black and white hairs and the fact that I chose the wrong shade!)

Beetle Autumn

Tiamat partial

Had a mini photoshoot today:) Only modeled one costume, but when you're both the model and photographer that's plenty. Especially with both the cat and dog desperate to get in the way :P

My completed dragon partial. Finished a while ago, just never got around to getting pictures of the full costume. Named her Tiamat. Very classic dragon name that seems to fit her personality :)

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