November 3rd, 2006


First fursuit completed!

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My first partial fursuit, Seley the chinchilla, is done! She's loosely based on my Furcadia avatar, but mostly she's an experiment in fursuiting using fur I had leftover from a previous project and other materials I had lying around. The backwards hat was meant to disguise what I thought looked like a disproportionately large forehead when I'd finished the mask...between it and the patched jeans she looks very 80's. Looks quite masculine overall but since the character is meant to be an artisan and a mason, it works alright.

Certainly not the best first attempt out there, but I learned a lot from making this. Mainly how NOT to build a fursuit! XD I know now the importance of ventilation, of properly fitting glove patterns, and of matching the nap of the fur. It's far from perfect but I'm still happy with it as an experiment. :)

Possibly the best thing was wearing it to school. The radio station for our college operates in one of the buildings with a big window facing out towards the exit, so my friends dragged me in front of said window to wave and dance. I got a mention on the radio as "what the hell is that? Is that a cat or a rabbit or a mouse or...well, good costume, actually! I'd give you candy if I had any!"

Reactions ranged from "did you really make that?" to "that's really creepy..." and perhaps most amusing were those who saw me, blinked, and then completely avoided eye contact when I waved to them. It was great!

Totally want to make another fursuit now, working on an Olcadan suit for AnimeUSA in a few weeks and stuff I've read from this forum has inspired me to completely re-make his head. Thanks everyone! (Yes, I do rant a lot...sorry, I'm excited about this!)

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Head making headaches >_


Using moonfox's ideas on how to build the head of my suit.. It's actually coming together fair well, BUT.. for the meshing, Moonfox refers to a substance called "stramin".. Anyone know where I can find this? :(
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Follow-Me Eyes?

I'm sure there are tons of questions/tutorials about "follow me" eyes but I have a couple of specific questions I can't find the answers to...

I know the concept of the eye is to set it back into the head - but about how far do you set it back to get the 3d effect?

Where do you see through with a "follow me" eye? Can you build the pupil and iris out of mesh so you can see through it and still get the effect? Or is it better to have the eyes opaque and see through another part of the mask?

Thank you! Sorry if I'm asking questions that have been asked too often before, I haven't seen these answers when I searched the community...
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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about possibly adding a sort of blinking mechanism to my next head and wondering how to go about it.

I don't want to deal with electronics because one, I'm no good with something unless its already built and comes with a manual, and two, I have a simpler idea anyway.

Remember those dolls (well, they still have them!) that closed their eyes when you laid them down? I'm thinking something like that that's sensitive, so just the a slight shake downwards of the head will trigger a blink.

I'm thinking of using fake eyes with a bar behind them thats set in something that it will easily let the bar turn and mounting the eyelids on that but has anyone else tried something like this and did it work?