November 5th, 2006


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Moo again, peoples!

Just a note that I've now established a nice little pattern for a few different types of pawpads, horns and claws! I've recently gotten into latex casting, and so now I can do any of the above items, as well as small stuff like teeth and ornaments. I'm also going to be doing latex hooves, so if anyone's interested in having some generic or custom bits and pieces done, feel free to contact me! I'm quite proud of the horns that I've come up with, I think they'll look really nice as part of a fursuit head, or even used on a headband or as prosthetics once I add a blending edge.

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Not pretty yet, but once painted up they'll look really nice! So, if anyone would like custom cast latex bits and pieces, contact me! I'm obviously not the best at it yet, but I'll pretty much just charge for materials and postage until I get better at it :)

whiskers or not to whisker, that is the questions

So the question is, do I whisker the new mask or not. I would love to hear opinions on this so I can make a decision.

now I will have the little dots that denote the whiskers, you have to do these before you place your whiskers so you know where to place them evenly, but I dont know if I should

heres the link to the new mask

Haha I laugh at you!

Weed body suit Preview

This is currently what the body suit looks like so far.

I am not done with the body suit. As i do see some mistakes from last nights work.

Anyway. The head hasn't been modified yet. Due to working on the rest of the suits parts. The head will be the last thing i'll modify and have finished.


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And yes it is my first time at working with digi grade/muscle tone suits.
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