November 6th, 2006


Mm. Apocalypse-y.

Second post for my updates. Here it appears I've finished three of the four horsemen. From left to right: War(Warhorse); Plague(in back; Jackal) and Death(Lion). Plus some random person in the middle!

And some pictures on my camera(Yes, yes, I realise they're green. I'll be getting pro photos of them in a month or two for website purposes).



And death's already been posted to this forum, I think, so I'll spare the recap.
Once the pro photos are taken, the horsemen area of the website will open up.

-Artslave out
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I have a very.. Odd question. I've gotten a head I wanted to make some changes to. I havent been able to find any matching fur for it and I was thinking of just dying the paws that came with it black, so I could just make a black tail and paws to go with it. Would that be a bad idea? (The claws could be easily detached, and there is no lining for the paws, and the paw pads are cloth.) I was also thinking of making some latex paw pads to replace the cloth ones anyways.

As for the head, would I be able to dye a head? It's a ninja hood head. Or would it ruin the foam that it's built upon? Should I just remove the unwanted fur and refur the head?

Edit: I guess it would be best just to remove the fur and refur, that way I could keep the original fur for accents, because it would look more interesting with a little accent than just being flat black. Also, how does one remove fur from a head like that? I'm not sure if it was sewn or if it was glued.

This may be a dumb question,

But, how do you measure the head?

They show all kinds of ways how to make the heads on the tutorials,,,,

What (and how) do you measure, and how do you know you're getting it right?

And what is the cheapest, but, most effective way to make a suit head, that can support a fan?

Sorry to post something this stupid, but, I am totally curious, and I've not seen anything on it.
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Flame Print / Colorized Fur

My next project will probably involve a furry creature with this type of flame-like colorization:

And I was wondering if anyone knew of any furs out there that had a remotely similar flame print for a reasonable price.

They're ideas, but I have found these so far:

Of course, I'd customize these fur options to somewhat match the flame design...
Or would it be just better to airbrush white fur? (I have never airbrushed before, so thus why I am trying to avoid airbrushing if possible). The design does not have to be as wispy as the art swatch above, it just needs to look like fire of some sort.

Thanks in advance!
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So I get my swatches from Denver Fabrics and decide to buy three of the colors. I toddle over to the site to order...

And one of the furs I wanted was removed from the site.


Does anyone have any of Denver Fabric's Arctic Fox faux fur they'd be willing to sell off? I don't need much, a little less than a half yard would be fine as I only need it for a muzzle and neck.

Or does anyone know if the fur will be put back up anytime soon, if at all?