November 7th, 2006

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One more update/advice

One more update on my still unnamed fox suit:

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All that's left is the head. We were going to get started on it soon, but the only balaclava we have available at the moment is really tight on my head, so I just ordered another set of 4 from Sierra Trading Post. Wickers Midweight Balaclavas at fivebux apiece! Can't beat that with a sharp stick. They are FANTASTIC for fursuit heads.

Now for the advice... notice how in the second picture I posted, I'm squatting? Right before I got that picture, I heard a ripping sound- the tail hole of the suit had enlarged itself! This happened because originally there was no hole in the back for the tail. I created one by popping a few stitches with an exacto and calling it done. This made the ends of the seams very weak, and that's all it took to give me a scale model of the grand canyon.

It's quite easy to fix. In fact, I fixed up the seams of either side of the opening this evening. I just doubled back over my seam after sewing it once. It wasn't easy, so I did the best I could and then just sewed back and forth around the edge of the opening so that it wouldn't pop open again. That ought to do it- the fur will give before the upholstery thread does!

Ohhhh boy I can't wait to finish this!
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(no subject)

Hey, everyone.

My friend is having a late Halloween party, so I've got a second chance to finish my costume. I'm not too keen on finishing my White Rabbit v.2.0, so I'm opting to do a striped hyena (with dreadlocks!) Now, I'm looking for a quick, tight-fitting method for the base of the mask that would allow me to use my own eyes. I don't have time to wait for taxidermy eyes or any supplies like that, plus I've conveniently made the character's eyes green like mine. :) Like I said, I have a pretty limited timespan so anything involving drying time or preparation time is out of the question. I was thinking of using that nasty rigid wrap stuff since this costume is only going to be worn once but last time I used it, little scraps of it ended up blowing into my eyes whenever I breathed out. Also, I can't use balaclavas since my car is out of commission at the moment and I can't drive out to the nearest mall to get one.

Any ideas?
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tail help needed

iv gotten to the stuffing an whatknot part of tail making an i had a question...

i hear ppl saw that they put like a small weight in the tip of a tail to make it move more real or something, my question is what do most ppl use for it?

an is there a easy way to stuff like a long thin feline/lemor tail? cuz my hand cant fit in it very well
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Pirate otter

Somewhat new (not really) fursuit that was made to completion for FurFright for brunbera, Viceroy FuzzyToes.

Unfortunately I never got good pictures of this suit before I gave it to Brunbera so the picture I have under the cut will have to do, although I've linked Brunbera's FuzzyToes web page, below,which has more pictures of the fursuit from FurFright. Credit goes to kgraleopard for making the nice pirate costume.

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For more pictures of the suit please click here to Brunbera's Viceroy Fuzzytoes web page. (Sorry for the increased traffic Brun!)
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Beetle Autumn

jar lid stuck

I realize most of the folks here do not work with casting materials other than latex, but I figured I'd throw this out anyways.

I like to use a 2 part urethane rubber for a few fursuit related things. Unfortunatly, one part tends to harden and stick the jar lid shut so I can't open it. Just now I had to cut it out of the 2nd jar I've had it in. The first was the one it came in, the second was a mason (canning) jar. The stuff needs to be kept sealed as oxygen damages it.

And I tried every method known to man to open that jar. It wouldn't budge.

Any thoughts? I can't keep moving it from jar to jar.

Additionally, know of any good, castable hard resin? The liquid plastic I bought is too soft for claws.


I have some fur left over from my Menchi costume (cream coloured)so I think I will make a head out it. This will be my first head so I figured I would use the fur I have already instead of buying more. Anyway, the question I have what is something that has not been made or is rarely made? Something that would have either a cream head or a mostly cream head. I plan on taking pictures along the way...I just have to find my Photo Bucket account info
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Kitt winking
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My first mask... WIP!


You folks have inspired me to get off my lazy tail and work on a coyote costume. Starting with the head. Because it's something I've never tried before. I'm using the plastic mesh method described in a couple of the tutorials posted to the profile page of this community.

Would some of you seasoned costumers check out what I have so far and let me know if I'm on the right track? Mostly I'm curious as to whether or not it's too 'open'... I have only one crosspiece over the top of the head in an X. Should I build it up more?

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(Also, any other critiques very very welcome and appreciated!)
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Emergency Fur Needed!!

AUGH! I was supposed to be making something in time for MFF and I had ordered the blue/black solid longhair fur from Distinctive that I needed. Well now they call me and say they're out of it! ;_; So I really really, REALLY need some long pile dark/navy blue fur! Please please please, if anyone has some.. I don't need much, just enough for a hair tuft and a ring around a tail (though a whole yard would be nice). I would need it shipped Priority, and I have Paypal, etc etc..
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